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  1. Fordman65

    Re-Purposed Collector's Choice #29 (Tamio Okuda) 2017 Temporary Price Drop

    Fantastic Guitar. Price is $3,800 plus shipping. Comes with Case, COA and all other paperwork. Started life as an R9 was rebranded an R8. The guitar I wanted sold. Price for this is back up.
  2. Fordman65

    WTB '77 LP Custom-White

    Does not have to be mint or all original. However, no added switches, holes, breaks or repairs is necessary. Must be from '77. Shipping to 53558.
  3. Fordman65

    Do you still "upgrade" your electronics?

    Recently purchased a new historic (last year). While I wouldn't mind a better taper, is there any other benefit to replacing the electronics? I know folks used to replace these all the time back in the day. Still warranted or are the current stock electronics on par with most aftermarket...
  4. Fordman65

    NGD - 2017 '58 Historic - Repurposed CC#29

    This is the first "brand new" guitar I've purchased since 2004. The thing does not disappoint. The playability is right up there with my Anderson and Suhr. Love the nitro feel. The neck is perfectly sized. By no means small, but certainly not a baseball bat either. My ESP's are also fantastic...
  5. Fordman65

    Considering entering the historic/reissue world

    Was originally looking to pick up a white birth year (77) LPC. They rarely come up and when they do they are big money. The one I recently eyed up is "on sale" for $3500. Got me thinking, what could I get for roughly that much in a historic/reissue? Could probably go up to $3795 or so. Would...
  6. Fordman65

    Price Check - 77 white LPC all original. Over-priced, but by how much? I offered $2,900 and to not use Reverb and pickup locally. He countered with $3,500. I rarely see 77 white LPC's (looking for this particular year) but I don't...
  7. Fordman65

    New Norlin '78 White (now yellow) LPC Day

    Recently rejoined the Norlin club with this '78 LPC. Guitar is in fantastic condition. Came with a decent norlin, period correct case. Plays very well. Correct me please, but I recall reading that '78 was the return of the non-pancake body?
  8. Fordman65

    Player Grade - 1971 Ebony LPC - The one to own

    Up for sale is my 1971 Les Paul Custom. First things first. Let me make this perfectly clear, this is a players guitar. If you're looking for an all original, great condition '71, look elsewhere. If you want a beast of a player and just all around bad ass guitar, this one is for you. My price is...
  9. Fordman65

    Blackstar ID260TVP 2x12 Combo

    Up for sale a Blackstar ID260TVP combo, including the IDFS10 footswitch. This set up brand new will run you just under $700. I'm willing to let this go for $375 plus shipping via paypal gift. As you can see from the pics, it's not absolutely perfect. That said, I believe it to be in very good...
  10. Fordman65

    Player Grade 1971 Les Paul Custom

    Hi All, Up for sale is my 1971 Les Paul Custom. First things first. Let me make this perfectly clear, this is a players guitar. If you're looking for an all original, great condition '71, look elsewhere. If you want a beast of a player and just all around bad ass guitar, this one is for you...
  11. Fordman65

    77 Custom with Tremolo.. ???

    Wondering if the Trem on this guitar was removed if a regular Nashville bridge could be easily installed. Seems like it would be an easy swap. Hard to tell from the pics, but it also doesn't appear that any routing was done when the trem was installed. Does that seem normal? I've been in contact...
  12. Fordman65

    Price Check on my 71 Custom

    Trying to get a value on my 71. The specifics are below along with a couple of pictures. There are a few more nicks since these were taken, but the way I see it, these things are meant to be played. Let me know what you think. I currently have a different set of Pu's in, but have the original...
  13. Fordman65

    White 74 Custom - HNGD (Big Sorta)

    Well, the 74 custom arrived. First thing I always do after purchasing a used LP, is take the black light to it. Haven't done anything else at this point. Here is what I've found... what do you think? Tell me what I am seeing isn't there.
  14. Fordman65

    yay or nay on this 74 custom

    Worth about $2,500? What do you Norlin experts think?
  15. Fordman65

    Looking for this 77 tobbaco burst standard

    Looking to buy my old 77 back. Should have kept her. Sold it back in 08 on ebay and have regretted it ever since.
  16. Fordman65

    Crazy looking 77 LPC

    Never seen a real LPC with this type of horn. I've always wanted a 77 though. Everything else seems spot on 1977 Gibson Les Paul Custom Stunning Must See 711106001340 | eBay
  17. Fordman65

    Price Value Opinions Please

    Hey Norlin experts. I have a seller wishing to sell me the guitar linked below for $3,500. Seems a bit much and I would have to sell this after. It's a 71 that's a beast. "
  18. Fordman65

    AVR II - RS Guitarworks Aged ABR Replacement

    Selling a used, aged locking AVRII from RS Guitarworks. As you can see from the pics the bridge needs work, but once rebuilt will do it's new owner justice. This was on a guitar I recently sold and am too lazy to fix. Needs a new E saddle and probably a new A. These new are $87 plus shipping...
  19. Fordman65

    Edwards 2007 98LTS Standard $775 Plus shipping - NR Mint

    I haven't read anything about posting sale ads for "non" authentic LP's, but if it's frowned upon, I will gladly remove. In the meantime. Up for sale is a 07 Edwards LP Standard. Retail on these are $1,100-$1,200 plus $120 shipping, including gig bag. My price is $775 plus $45 shipping east of...
  20. Fordman65

    My 71 LPC. Possible mods - your onions requested

    Picked this up from "Your Idol" AKA Brian, awhile back. Great guy to work with, BTW. Great feeling guitar through and through. I love the T-top in the neck. Beautiful cleans, even on my Dual Recto (Revision C), but for a guy whose been an emg guy for the past 10 yrs, the T-top in the bridge...