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  1. Hogie34

    Custom wiring harness goodness

    I guess buying a soldering iron makes anyone an instant expert. How could someone list this for sale next to all the fine examples along side his? This has to be a joke...right?
  2. Hogie34

    NGD x3...Following in Tygr1’s footsteps

    I figured I’d just post these all together since they were all bought at the same time. Besides that, I don’t want to take up forum space with three different threads. Just a little back story on why i bought three guitars at once. I have a great relationship with my sales rep at a well known...
  3. Hogie34

    Gibson using ABR-1 conversion posts now??

    Anyone know what prompted them to use Nashville style bridge bushings with ABR-1 conversion posts? Probably an economic decision but it cheapens the look of the guitar in my opinion. Anyway, not enough to bash on my favorite guitar but just felt the undeniable urge to vent about it....:wtf...
  4. Hogie34

    Old Matsumoku Epi Les Paul Standard Restoration

    So I got this from a member here. This was posted in the Epi sales thread as a basket case and I knew it was mine right when I spotted it. I'm going to document this slow tedious process here and we'll see how it turns out. The knowns according to the ad: 1982 Matsumoku ( I know, there's...
  5. Hogie34

    Long time lurker...

    ...finally registered. Never felt the need to post cause every question I've ever had has already been asked and answered here lol. Anyway, Hogie from NM. Great forum!