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  1. nigelthebald

    Happy Bastille Day!

    And happy birthday to my oldest MIJ Les Paul*, 42 years old today. Originally it was a goldtop, but I rather like the shabby chic effect, caused by what the seller termed a "crappy refin". *that's what it says on the headstock ;)
  2. nigelthebald

    NGD Edwards LPC

    Bought this on eBay on Thursday last from a seller elsewhere in the UK - a 2005 Edwards, precise model unknown. A bit of to-and-fro negotiation got it down to £5 less than his BIN with postage thrown in. I picked it up from the collection point this afternoon, only to discover a couple of...
  3. nigelthebald

    NGD Burny Ace Frehley

    A long held vague hankering after an Ace Frehley model LP was rekindled when a fellow member of a FaceBook group posted about his recently acquired Greco. My favourite Japanese eBay seller listed a similar one, but an enquiry confirmed that the neck would be a little slim for my taste. Then at...
  4. nigelthebald

    NGD Burny RLC 65/70 (Finally!)

    To save a little money, I decided to have my second Rinkya purchase sent by sea. Bought this beauty on January 20th, and it set sail on the 26th. I collected it from the ParcelForce depot on Saturday, the guitar having survived a ten week voyage to the UK. (No CITES problems). I'm very happy...
  5. nigelthebald

    NGD '77 Burny - I'm still in shock This arrived on Tuesday for a bargain price of $498, shipping included. (£363 and change at date of payment). I don't mind the crappy refin, and could have lived with the fact that, despite the seller's "fresh frets" comment, the fretwork was dreadful, with...
  6. nigelthebald

    Rinkya shipping

    I won this Burny RLC earlier today and am awaiting its consignment to the warehouse: I have plenty of guitars to play while awaiting its arrival, so was wondering about having it shipped to the UK by sea in order to save a bit of money. Do any MIJ...
  7. nigelthebald

    NGD Greco LP Custom

    The NGD was actually yesterday, but I've finally put the new addition down for long enough to introduce her. An eBay purchase from Japan - the seller, ookini55 (mentioned elsewhere) is prepared to sort out the CITES documentation - I secured her for a total cost, shipping and duty included, of...