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  1. PauloQS

    What's your favorite pickups?

    What the title asked. What pickups do you like for your LP reissues? I'll start. Personally, I like the stock CustomBucker, BurstBucker 1 & 2, BK Mule/Riff Raff and BK Mule/Black dog. I've also tried other combinations of those pickups, which also sounded great to me. Specifically...
  2. PauloQS

    NGD - R9 60th Anniversary in Southern Fade

    My R0/G0 and my 2017 Standard HP in Honeyburst was sacrificed in the process (middle and far right). The R0 was amazing, but I felt the R9 neck profile vastly more comfortable for me. My new R9 is the most comfortable and best sounding Les Paul I’ve ever played. I’m at work and can’t wait to...