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    Does anyone use a water pick for their dental care?

    I love my waterpick. I use it everyday, but I still also use dental floss.
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    CW’s Batwoman

    Female characters? Mikasa Ackerman. What a beast.
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    Worst smell in the world

    I read an article a couple of years ago about a scientific research that tried to find the worst smell for us humans, and it happened to be the rooting of a human corpse. It makes sense.
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    Hetfield back in rehab, shows postponed.

    If you are cancelling shows, I would say it is perfectly fine to say why.
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    Your guitar or stable of guitars (collections?):

    Yeah, I play all of them regularly. Or I used to, becasue last year I moved to another country, and for the moment my apartment is too small for all my collection, so here I "only" have 13 of my guitars and my bass. And I miss A LOT the ones that I have left behind, and I play the hell out of...
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    Custom Shop Hendrix Strat

    If it isn't completely reversed it doesn't speak Jimi to me. 1997 version is still the best they have ever made.
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    Just another day, another 20 people executed..

    Jesus. You know, it is not only about what these pieces of shit deserve, but also about what kind of society we, the good people, want to live in. I for sure wouldn't like to spend a minute with people that would take part in such a cold display of hate and revenge. These pieces of shits are...
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    New Jersey's medically-assisted death law goes into effect

    No, only certified associations can buy and provide the stuff. No particular can buy it or take the poison with him. You can do it at home sourrounded by family, but the people of the association would be there too. And you have to reunite the requisites of being terminally ill, you have to...
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    New Jersey's medically-assisted death law goes into effect

    You can have the poison provided/administer by civil associations. That's the way it is in Switzerland, and is by far the best way to go with it. And the preparation is the same that they would give you at an hospital. There are powerfull reasons to not let any health professional be involved...
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    New Jersey's medically-assisted death law goes into effect

    There should not be doctors involved. You don't need a doctor to kill yourself. Other than that, I'm fine with it.
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    Best movie of all time

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    GAS success stories

    Never occurred to me that the definition of "GAS success" could be anything related tp stop buying guitars. Quite the opposite, success for me is being able to afford anyone I want in short/medium term. Having lots of guitars bring me a lot of joy. Everyday. Is that the ultimate form of joy...
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    Ecosexual ???!!! my brain just broke

    All I can say is that the times I have enjoyed more having sex has been making it outside in the field, laying in the grass while I look at my woman and a sky full of stars behind her. It really adds something for me. No interest in reading the article or using stupid names for making out outside.
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    The Unpopular Opinions Thread.

    I hate people that smoke. Really really hate them.
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    Thrones S8 Premier Tonight!

    He reveals the secret that might make Jon King.
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    Most angry sounding guitar ever?

    Angry guitar? It has to be Yngwie. He has the fury. He is the fury.
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    I never get to play/practice!

    When I'm at home I always play at TV volume levels. Past 22:00pm or before 9:00am, headphones. Never received a guitar related complain and I play a lot at home.