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    Would you put a pickguard on this??

    yes go for it
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    FS/FT 2011 Gibson SG Jr

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    FS/FT 2011 Gibson SG Jr

    Great guitar. No issues. Looking for a 2 Pickup SG with 60's Slim Neck. Plus minus cash either way. Lightest guitar i've ever played. Easy on the back! The P90 is awesome! Here is a link to my ad: 2011 Gibson SG Jr
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    New Melody Maker

    very nice
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    New Firebird smells like a freakin' donut

    love that new gibson smell
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    First time Gibson SG buyer, have a few questions.

    you can't go wrong with an SG Standard 2013 was a great year for SG Standards, and no mini e tune on it The necks are thin and super easy to play if you have small hands feel free to message me if you want more info and input
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    NGD- Something Horny Arrived!

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    NGD 61 gibson sg standard ri

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    Big Pic of Billy Gibbons w/ Melody Maker

    he does play a lot of different guitars
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    NGD - Finally got an SG

    i hear good things about those
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    New Firebird smells like a freakin' donut

    my firebird is a year old and still smells that way it's awesome
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    Which SG to buy?

    grab a used standard if you have the money
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    WTB: Gibson SG Custom w/ Maestro

    SG necks vary in thickness just like most other gibsons some are super thin and some are med and some chunky the experts can tell you which are which on which models
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    My New SG Thread

    i want one of those!!!
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    Show your Gibson SGs !!!

    soo hot
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    Got my New Firebird Just in Time

    i picked up a firebird a few years ago, love it enjoy
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    I Love My Firebird!!!

    love mine too
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    No wife or kids tonight - I know what I'll be doing!!

    we all know what you will really be doing..... don't try to fake us out, we all know!