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    FS: Seymour Duncan '59 Set Zebra No Logo

    Seymour Duncan '59 Set in Zebra with unbranded bobbins $100 shipped and PP'd to CONUS Excellent condition with long legs and standard Gibson pole spacing. Leads measure 8" on bridge pickup and 12" on neck pickup. Cloth covered wire has been soldered to braided grounds for easier hookup.
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    SOLD: Golden Age (Stewmac) 3-On-Plate Tuners

    Golden Age Vintage 3-On-Plate Tuners Gloss Nickel $30 shipped and PP'd to CONUS These stay in tune very well and look great with the cream buttons. 15:1 gear ratio Comes with bushings and mounting screws
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    SOLD: Nickel LP Parts Lot

    Gloss Nickel parts consisting of the following: Pigtail Steel Bushings 2 Sets of Kluson Steel Tailpiece posts (Historic Length) 2 Lightweight Aluminum Tailpieces (either Kluson or Phili Luthier) Brass ABR posts Brass ABR thumbwheel set Steel ABR thumbwheel set Phili Luthier unwired ABR-1...
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    Faber ABR-H Bridge Aged Gold

    Faber ABR-H bridge in Aged Gold finish. Also throwing in a lightweight Kluson tailpiece in Gold that I rubbed some of the plating off to match the Faber. ****SOLD****
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    FS: Two sets of Grover tuners

    Have a couple sets of Grovers laying around. Both sets are in excellent condition and function perfectly. Gold Grover Rotomatics 3x3 tuners (no mounting screws) - SOLD Nickel Grover Rotomatics 3x3 tuners - $30 shipped and PP’d
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    WTB: Les Paul Custom Black Beauty 1957 Reissue

    Got bit by the Black Beauty bug recently and looking for a 57 RI Custom. Doesn't need to be a museum piece, but no breaks, funky repairs, etc. What do ya got? Thanks!
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    FS: LP Parts ( Faber , Gotoh , Kluson , Retrospec , Pigtail )

    Cleaning out the parts drawer. All prices shipped and PP'd. Continental USA shipping only. NO TRADES. Retrospec Steel Gloss Nickel Tailpiece Studs w/ Pigtail Steel Bushings - $20 Historic Length = 1 3/8″ total. Depth in bushing is 7/8″ Gotoh SD90 3x3 Gloss Nickel Tuners - SOLD Kluson 3x3...
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    SOLD: Montreux M69 rings , Creamtone switch ring and pickguard

    Montreux Time Machine M69 rings - $50 shipped and PP’d These were originally med/heavily aged by Martin Six String Customs. I wiped them clean with a Gorgomyte cloth to give them a lightly aged look. Creamtone 1956-1958 style switch ring and pickguard - $25 shipped and PP’d Both pieces...
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    Les Paul Classics: (90s vs early 2000s)

    Hey guys! Looking to pick up an older LP Classic. I have an absolutely amazing Vaschenko LP Replica loaded with Throbaks with a fatter '59 neck that kills for blues and classic rock but looking to grab something I can play a bit faster and harder on. Dont fell like spending the money on a...
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    WTB: 90s Les Paul Classic or 90's Standard

    Looking for a 90s LP Classic or possibly a 90's Standard with a slim to medium neck profile. Looking for one in Black. Thanks!
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    WTB: Les Paul Plastics (Mojoaxe, Wizz, etc.)

    Just got a new LP replica and looking to upgrade the Allparts plastics for a more vintage look. Looking for: Mojoaxe pickguard with vintage or post 2009 Historic 2 5/16" pickup spacing Bone pickup rings (Wizz, Throbak, Montreux, etc) Poker chip Thanks!
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    FS: WCR Goodwood Neck black , 4-conductor

    Older WCR "Goodwood" not "Godwood" neck pickup for sale. Has Jim's 4-conductor plus ground wiring with around 13-inch leads, and measures 8.3K on my multimeter. $85 shipped and PP'd
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    Wanted: Bare Knuckle Mule neck pickup

    Looking for a Bare Knuckle Mule neck pickup. Must be nickel cover and braided 2-conductor.
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    FS: 2004 Les Paul Historic 1958 RI Iced Tea Gloss with upgrades/mods

    Moving on to bigger and better things so letting go of my R8. It is a 2004 Historic 1958 Reissue Plaintop in a beautiful Iced Tea Gloss finish. Right off the bat, I want to acknowledge that this is a PLAYERS Historic. It has not been babied and seen a fair share of gigs and daily use. If you...
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    WTB: WCR Godwood and Darkburst pickups

    Looking for a WCR Godwood bridge pickup and a Godwood or Darkburst neck pickup. Ill take a set or single pickup if you got em. Must be 4 conductor wiring. Either gloss nickel covers or uncovered black bobbins. Thanks!
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    Anyone thrown a humbucker in a Jr.?

    So I picked up a 57 Junior bout a year ago. Its got replaced tuners and Mojoaxe bridge with 59 pots and 59 P-90. Killer guitar but it has had humbucker route done under the P-90. Its very discreet and the Dogear cover covers it all pretty much aside from the mounting ring holes peeking out...
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    WTB: 1959 - 1960 Les Paul Junior (player grade)

    Looking for a 1959 (or possibly 1960) Les Paul doublecut Junior. Looking for a beater/players grade. The more beat up the better. Not looking for a museum piece, but one that is soaked with MOJO. Prefer the chunkier 1959 neck. Original finish only and no funky repairs. I might go for a...
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    FS: Gold PRS McCarty pickups and misc hardware

    Currently switching over the hardware on my 2 month old Korina McCarty from gold to nickel so putting some things up for sale: All prices are shipped and Paypal'd Gold covered McCarty bridge and neck pickup set. Practically Mint with full leads. 3-conductor version (Braided ground, black hot...
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    FS: Wolfetone Marshallhead, Manlius Landmark pickups

    2 Killer pickups up for sale! Wolfetone Marshallhead (bridge) - $100 shipped and PP'd -Double Cream bobbins, Gibson spacing with long legs, 2-conductor braided lead, lead length is 14" -Measures at 9K, Alnico 5 magnet Manlius Landmark PAF (neck) - $75 shipped and PP'd -Black bobbins, Gibson...
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    FS: 1950's Kluson "single line" strip 3-to-a-plate tuners

    Original 1950's Kluson "single line" strip tuners. Cosmetically, they are in fine shape with minimal tarnishing and no bent tuners. I believe the buttons are original and are aged to a lovely shade of cream. The tuners all turn pretty good except for the high e tuner which is loose and has a...