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  1. matthew bear

    Axe FX 2 with controller for Helix Floor?

    Hey guys, So I posted up my Helix on the local CL and I have someone offering a Axe 2 with controller for a trade...It look like resale for both units is pretty similar, minus the controller. Does anyone have experience with the 2? what are some of the differences between the 2 and 2XL? And...
  2. matthew bear

    Ghost drop 2 new songs in 2 days :)

    Man, these guys never cease to entertain me... Funny as hell! Satanists are so fun :hmm: :eek2: Anyways, here's the songs without the storyline stuff.
  3. matthew bear

    Powered Kemper in my possesion

    Well, I have a powered Kemper rack and controller, and its rad! Running it into the Orange 2x12 with cabs disabled. Man, I really missed certain things about these units, mainly vox tones. Vox sounds strangely good even thru a unorthodox cab choice. When I get back from my vacation trip...
  4. matthew bear

    My reaction score...

    Is higher than my post count... Does that mean, you fellas like me?!? :laugh2:
  5. matthew bear

    Done with apple.

    Man oh man am I hot :laugh2: So I have been invested in the apple ecosphere for a few years now, having Iphones and Macbooks and an apple watch. Well my apple watch glass popped, cracking around the entire perimeter after 8 months of ownership. So I had it sent in, under warranty after talking...
  6. matthew bear

    Alternatives to FRFR explored (badcat unleash)

    So I have a new toy, a bad cat unleash V2. I had purchased this for my tube amps, but realized there was more potential on tap via the effects loop of the badcat... I plugged my Helix into the effects loop of the unleash and fed it to my Orange 2x12. I really like this setup :D I found that the...
  7. matthew bear

    Want to hear from powercab users. NCD update.

    So I'm ready to do the deed. I sold off my QSC k8's a while back, and I'm looking at both the xitone mbritt and the line6 power cab. I know the xitone will be fantastic, and many claim the optional open back really helps with the "amp in a room" feel. the Powercab claims the same thing by...
  8. matthew bear

    Salame... (DLH content)

    None of you will like this... :laugh2: Well, except Bling, Bling will like this.
  9. matthew bear

    I only rode my motorcycle twice this year...(on dirt)

    ...And they were both captured on film! My long time friend Charley does video production for a living, and he started a side project this year revolving around Adventure/ADV riding and photography. His series is called Out on Scout and it's been fun having been involved a little bit. My...
  10. matthew bear

    Gibson RD 2018 pickup advice... not enjoying the stock actives!

    Hey guys! I have picked up a used 2018 RD 40th and I love the guitar a lot! very ergonomic and comfortable, a nice surprise since I've never had any offset guitar designs before. I'm not a fan of the active GEM pickups, however... I am using this guitar for heavier rock, but I'm quite used to...
  11. matthew bear

    Another cab question (chaining cabs together)

    So I have the orange 2x12 with two jacks( I'm assuming to chain to another cab) rated at 16 ohms and another 2x10 cab rated at 16 ohms. I believe that running them together like this would result in an 8 ohm load, but I'm nervous that I'm mistaken and would have 32 Ohms. What's the deal here? I...
  12. matthew bear

    Orange amps rant.

    Why the hell do they not come with footswitches?!? I ordered a 2 button one for my Rockerverb and the footswitch doesn't come with cable either, so now I have a useless switcher until I can get the cables :run: Just put the damn cables in with the switch, ya cheap bastards! :laugh2: That's...
  13. matthew bear

    Looking for 2x12 advice (multi amp head conundrum)

    I'm trying to decide on a Cab that would cover my need best, having 3 different heads. I don't really have room for multiple cabs, so I'm trying to get the best all around here. Amps are Orange rockerverb 50 mk III Avatar 45 (JTM 45 style) V2 JJM 18 (hot rodded 800, kinda sorta) I know for a...
  14. matthew bear

    The best home use amps are...

    Big ass amps :laugh2: Seriously, 50 watters and the like with well done master volumes are vastly superior to all of these 5 watt jobbies... at least in my experience. With my new rocker 50, I've been playing at the same volume that I do my modeler with perfectly acceptable results. My Avatar...
  15. matthew bear

    So what did I get with the Kemper money?

    Oh. MY GAAAAAAAAAAAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!! I scored this used on reverb using money from selling my Kemper, and I am really glad I did :D This amp is incredibly versatile! the cleans are very similar to my Swart (midrange bumped in a pleasing way) and with the attenuator built in it does a nice classic...
  16. matthew bear

    Kemper for sale.

    Just a PSA, I'm selling my Kemper in the member classifieds... I just prefer the helix and thought someone else could benefit :) I may be funding a powercab with it, or the xitone mbritt, I haven't decided yet.
  17. matthew bear

    Kemper head w/ remote

  18. matthew bear

    I just learned of Roky Erickson

    And I'm stoked! stumbled onto this because of Ghost covering "if you have ghosts" What badass rock! Can anyone tell me more about this dude?
  19. matthew bear

    Bazuki into Helix...

    Just had some fun first thing this morning... I realized while lying in bed this morning I had never used my Bazuki with effects before, nor had I plugged it into the helix. Man, it was fun! I used a Vox AC 30 dimed with a cosmos delay, and stumbled into this little ditty. I was also looking...