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    Mice trouble

    So, there's a bit of a problem at my folk's house, where a family of mice seem to have moved in. I was happy enough just to leave the situation alone when it was just the one mouse, since it was quite cute and they didn't seem to be too encumbered by it, but there's apparently quite a number of...
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    Dell or Compaq.......or Acer?

    By the way, if you're ever around the Dennistoun area of Glasgow and you see the City Park building, wave. Second floor of that is where Dell's EMEA tech support lives. Wait around outside the first floor if you fancy a shag though. I don't think they hire male staff at whatever company that...
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    Dell or Compaq.......or Acer?

    Speaking as someone who used to work for Dell's tech support line, with us, if you phoned in with a problem, after a 5-15 minute chat to find the root cause of the issue, we'd have an engineer with a replacement part sent out to you the very next day. My department regularly had over 96% full...
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    Soldering Iron

    Maplin does / did a 50w temperature controllable soldering iron + station for only about £15. I'd recommend that over a standard 30w iron, just because it's so much easier to work with. Soldering's so much quicker and easier when you can switch between hot & fast for the stuff that doesn't need...
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    Food you just cannot bear to eat...

    Nah man, Chippie Sauce. It's something exclusive to Edinburgh chippies, and it's just the best. If you ever visit here, you've got to try it. Magic stuff.
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    Food you just cannot bear to eat...

    Chips, when not in Edinburgh. What kind of a monster eats chippy chips with salt and vinegar, or worse still, with ketchup? Glasgwegians and the English, that's who. F*cking animals, so they are.
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    Guess the spot

    15 out of 16. Although I'm in kinda a lucky position, since I've been to Alcatraz, Cape Canavral, Epcot, Niagra Falls, the Pentagon, the Statue Of Liberty, and Time Square, so had an idea of what they were like from memory. The rest were just reasoning and luck.
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    anyone have a alternate tuning that suits them

    I always play my spanish guitar tuned down a whole step. It just doesn't sound right in standard E tuning. I don't think nylon strings take very well to vibrating quickly. So, soooo much better in D. I also use the 4 octave strings of a 12string set on one of muy acoustics. It sounds...
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    England v Ireland

    Should be an easy win to England. Might be a difficult first half, but the second should be easy enough, since the paddies will be too confused to know which end is theirs.
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    8.8 earthquake in Chile

    My ears are still fucked from the Machinehead gig the other night, but it just sounds like "mmhmmm" to me.
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    The ModFather..

    Innit, la. I do like Paul Weller, but he's only ever had a few moments of songwriting brilliance, and even they were let down by how bad a performer he is. Check this out, though: YouTube - Buffalo Tom - Going Underground It's from the Fire & Skill album, and I think it's the perfect...
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    Old School Carrot Top....

    This is the first time I've ever seen Carrot Top in action, having known of him for aaaaaages because of Bill Hicks slagging him off. A happy surprise there, he's much funnier than I'd imagined him being. The third clip was great.
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    Computer recording

    Ooh, I didn't realise 8.5 was out. What d'you reckon, is it worth the effort to update?
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    Computer recording

    Agreement. People seem to have this idea in their collective minds that Protools is something so far ahead of the pack that it's the only way to record, but my experience of it is that it's, well, a bit shit. Last time I sat down and tried to get into it, which might've been around 6.4LE era, I...
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    try to name a professional guitarist I do not like

    Ooh, can I take him? He's utter fucking shit, and a cartoon character rock star. Remember when he was good? Yay, that means you're old. Sorry to be so blunt, but you must be, it really was ages ago. Remember when he was still revered? I do. It was about ten years ago. I guess I'm kinda old now...
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    Trigger Happy TV.....

    S'one of the ones on the Best Of Vol.2 DVD, if memory serves true.
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    Cadbury's Creme Egg...

    I don't on principle, not since the Kraft takeover. I've a mate who eats them in the best way I've seen, though - he takes the foil off, spins the egg round on a table, and without warning, slams his head down with nose mere milimeters from the surface, bites, and pulls back, capturing the egg...
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    Favorite stand up routine.

    Pfft. If these religious guys are so insecure in their faith that a few points by a comedian is too much for them, that's their problem. For those of us with free minds, let's just enjoy it. George Carlin - 10 Commandments
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    I like the UK and all but...

    I feel strangely inspired. I've been thinking for a while of buying some land and building a house upon it, and as I don't really like the shadowy effects of fences or hedges (I'm an obsessive gardener), a moat with perhaps a 50cm wall around it might be just the trick to keep ne'er do well's...
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    Petition to allow deleting/editing of our own threads

    I say No, on the basis that it's the lesser of two evils. Three reasons: 1) Choice is something I am always in favour of. Denial of choice, I am against. For one person to delete his own post, I think that should absolutely be allowed, as it is his choice to delete his own thing. For one...