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    I Was A Bad Girl Too This Morning

    Due in shortly from Japan. LS100s? (fingers crossed)
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    '79 Tokai Reborn LS-120 & '81 Tokai Love Rock LS-100S

    We may be playing interdimensional tag... I came across a few of your posts when I started picking up my first MIJ LPs, and these instruments have converted me. Fast forward a bit from my first Burny and Tokai acquisitions, and I am now awaiting what i think is an LS100s ('80/'81 Love Rock in...
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    I Was A Bad Girl Too This Morning

    That custom is a total score! I've been keeping a lookout for some all-mahogany models (Tokai, Burny) and missed a few here or there. I'm expecting to like the darker tone I'd expect from a full mahogany versus my (many) maple topped MIJ LPs.
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    Tokai Reborn stock “X” stamp pickup,Your Opinion/comment is all i need

    I just picked up a 1979 Tokai LP Reborn LS50CS. Prior owner had jacked it up a bit (pickups and controls were jumbled and bridge was on backwards, in addition to a few not-so-smart cosmetic blunders), but so far it plays very nicely. I had to pull out the neck pickup to put it back in...