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  1. pillbug

    1x10 cab speaker cutout question

    I have an original 10” speaker from an old Ampeg SS-70C and wanted to build a cabinet for it. So my wife picked up this old ham radio enclosure at an estate sale, which looks like it will be perfect. So my question is, Should I cut a standard 10” hole, or, do something like this: Or...
  2. pillbug

    NGD: 2005 Standard Faded honeyburst

    I don’t usually post NGD’s but this was too good to pass up. Having trouble posting the other two pics I took. Says they are too large for the server to process. They’re only 2mb jpgs from an iPhone. How do I rescale or downsize in iPhoto on the ipad?
  3. pillbug

    Help identifying a 2009 Les Paul Standard

    Picked this up online and don't know what to make of it. There is no model code in either of the pickup cavities. Can anyone tell me if that's normal? And identify if these are the stock pickups or not? What about the see-thru control cover - is that stock or aftermarket? Thanks
  4. pillbug

    2005 Standard on eBay looks like possible fake? I have never seen MADE IN on one line and USA on the 2nd line. It’s always 3 lines, one word each. Am I wrong?
  5. pillbug

    Stupid Question of the Day (SQOTD) ... what is an Unburst?

    I’ve never heard of this term until the last few months. Is it a New Gibson marketing term? Or something actually desirable? How does it differ from a plain top, is it just a faded sunburst?
  6. pillbug

    What is this mark on neck heel join? 2016 LP Standard Birdseye

    Hey everyone, I just acquired this 2016 LP Standard Birdseye. It’s in immaculate condition but it has something on the neck heel join that just looks odd. Anyone seen this and can tell me what it is?
  7. pillbug

    ES Les Paul on eBay - update - LEGIT

    Does this look legit?
  8. pillbug

    Flipping gear bought from GC for profit?

    Is this viable? Anyone had positive experience buying used (whatever) from GC specifically to flip for a profit? Can it be done?
  9. pillbug

    Nashville Pawn Shops - possible buying trip

    Taking a road trip this summer, thinking of hitting up Nashville to buy some guitars & pedals at pawn shops. Anyone have recommendations, tips, or other places in Tennessee or North Carolina?
  10. pillbug

    Did I Just Buy A Fake Les Paul Custom? 2003 LPC Content and Pics

    I'm a little worried about this 2003 Les Paul Custom I bought online and just received. Cons: Worst looking binding and logo I've ever seen on a Gibson headstock Truss cavity does not look right? I've never seen 6 holes in the switch cavity Isn't the neck tenon supposed to be visible in the...
  11. pillbug

    Music Go Round - can you haggle / negotiate price when buying in store

    I went to one store who said their prices are non-negotiable. The item in question was a $150 pedal, which, OK I can understand why they said that. But I'm planning to hit up another store the last day of the month to buy a few guitars if they are open to offers. Anyone had luck with that?
  12. pillbug

    Blue Book of Guitar Values vs Vintage Guitar Price Guide

    Does anyone like one more than the other? Is one more accurate / up to date?
  13. pillbug

    Help: Epiphone Les Paul Custom vs. Custom Pro ?

    Hi Everyone, I have a specific question that I can't find by multiple searches here and elsewhere: What year did the Epiphone Les Paul Custom transition over to / become the Custom Pro? Or did they / do they run concurrently? I have a 2014 Epiphone Les Paul Custom in alpine white, the truss...
  14. pillbug

    What’s going on at Guitar Center?

    I was in there today and the glass room for electrics that usually has the $3k+ guitars had nothing but sub-1k Epiphones and Gretsches. Nothing against those guitars at all but this store had no vintage or high end guitars. The only $2k guitars I saw were the new Gibby LPs and Fender (Elite...
  15. pillbug

    CHICAGO Vintage Guitar Expo and MUSIC SWAP - Sunday Oct 7 - Hillside IL

    For those of you in the Chicagoland area not going to Guitarlington TX., ... Chicago Vintage Guitar Expo & Music Swap October 7, at the Best Western Plus, 4400 Frontage Road, Hillside, IL. Hours 9-3. I will have lots of sub-$500 guitars and even more sub-$200 pedals. If you buy a guitar or...
  16. pillbug

    Issues connecting a Wah pedal to a tube head?

    Hey guys? I need some help please. A friend of mine says his wah pedal caused two of his tube amp heads, in succession, to stop working. (It worked with my solid state amp just fine (shrug)). I told him that’s impossible it must be something else. Has anyone here ever heard of a Wah (Or any...
  17. pillbug

    NGD Epiphone G-400 Pro-66 SG

    With Epiphone hard case. Just got it. Can’t wait to get it setup and run through its paces. Anyone else have one of these?
  18. pillbug

    Marshall 5210 question / help replacing pots

    Hi all, How much cleaning or taking apart (possible?) should I try before just replacing all the pots? And do I want 22k linear for all of them? Thanks.
  19. pillbug

    '86 Les Paul Customs with 2-piece and 3-piece tops?

    Hi, I've recently seen two '86 customs for sale, one has a 2-piece top and the other a 3-piece. Did Gibson produce them both ways during this year? Like the switch from Norlin to Gibson happened during this year on the production line? Here's the 2-piece: Hard to see the seams in this pic...
  20. pillbug

    2003 LP custom : does this look legit?

    Thinking of checking out this CL find tomorrow. Is it just me or does the diamond look a little small and crooked?