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    Elineke (formerly ExNihilo) Singlecut Burst Replica Teaburst

    Asking $3300 shipped Build thread here More photos here I outfitted the guitar with the following True Historic Parts: -Pickup rings -Toggle switch ring -ABR/Tailpiece Edit: the pickguard is from Creamtone Electronics are Jonesyblues 21 Tone Jimmy Page wiring rig with CTS 500K black molded...
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    FT: My Imperial Size Faber Hardware for Your Metric

    I have the following Faber hardware in Imperial sizing: Faber ABR Brass thumbwheels Steel studs Looking to swap for metric size.
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    2009 Tokai LS-470 VF (No longer for sale)

    EDIT: Taking this one off the market This is Tokai's top of the line model. It is equivalent to LS-540 of today's production line. Brazilian rosewood fretboard, Honduran mahogany, AAAA hard maple top. The guitar is fully original with NOS Bumblebees (when is the last time you saw a guitar come...
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    JamCity Burst-Inspired Singlecut (Lightly faded cherry)

    The man behind the guitar, Jim Weyandt, has plenty of hands-on experience with vintage LP's. He owns a 1960 Les Paul and his specialty is restoring/converting 50's Les Pauls. The spec list per an email from Jim to the previous owner: Hide Glue Construction Old Growth (Reclaimed) Honduran...
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    Elineke (aka ExNihilo) Singlecut Teaburst Replica

    Asking $3300 shipped Build thread here: Weighs just a tad over 9 pounds. Jonesyblues pickups (Kalamazoo in the neck, T-Top in the bridge) and 21 tone Jimmy Page wiring harness. I replaced the pickguard with a True Historic...
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    Any experience with Fullertone?

    Their LP replicas look incredible but they are impossible to find— let alone for a decent price. Their Fender clones look promising though, and look to be obtainable for decent used prices.
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    Burst Guitars Singlecut Replica (8.1lbs)

    Selling because this is far too much guitar for me. The guitar to skill ratio is just way too off in this case... Made by a builder out of Georgia. I opted for lightweight Honduran mahogany (quite a premium), which is extremely hard to find nowadays. Guitar weighs 8.1lbs as-is. Other specs...
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    $3600 SHIPPED AND PP'd '59 old-growth burst singlecut replica built by a well-known luthier based in Georgia, USA. Has all the proper appointments of a replica. Old growth Honduran mahogany, dark and oily Brazilian rosewood fretboard, hot hide glue construction, vintage correct build with...
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    Has the fretboard on this LP experienced trauma?

    I just noticed what appears to be a crack where the end of the fretboard meets the body. I have attached photos. EDIT: the following link has higher res photos:
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    sold please delete

    The guitar is all original minus a missing switch tip. In very good shape with a few minor dings/scratches. The neck binding has tiny cosmetic cracks along the frets (pictured). Weighs 9.4 pounds. Very dark rosewood fretboard, 3 piece neck, 1 piece body. Comes with OHSC but the handle has broken...
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    Collings I-35 Deluxe, Blonde, Brazilian

    For sale/trade is a 2011 Collings I-35 Deluxe in Blonde. It has a few upgrade options including Brazilian fretboard (and headstock overlay), black/white purfling, parallelogram inlays. Very good/excellent shape with very few visible flaws minus some worming on the bass-side of the neck and...
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    What is going on with this fretboard? Just cleaned it and this happened...

    In the photos below, you can see some indentation at the end of each fret. Each fret is like this. In the second photo, there is a circular indentation. It is the only occurrence. It might have been there before, but I just noticed it so most likely not. I noticed all this the day after...
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    Is this a two-piece back?

    I just received my Stafford Les Paul. Very beautiful guitar. I've read its the cream of the crop spec wise. I was surprised to find what seems to be a center seam on the back. While it does not matter to me, I wish I did not pay as much as I did for it. A lesson learned!