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  1. Tim Plains

    Pickup was dead then worked again

    Never encountered this before. Aftermarket pickups and harness installed in 2010. I picked up my LP Custom for the first time in about two months, plugged it in, and set the toggle switch down for the bridge to tune it (using a tuner) like I always do. There was no output. Volume was at 10...
  2. Tim Plains


  3. Tim Plains

    Wasp nest

    I found one on my house yesterday and, like everyone does, went to YouTube to see what not to do before taking it down. Found this gem and thought I'd share. It's just the first two minutes that's for us musicians.
  4. Tim Plains

    Favorite looking combination

    Just to liven this place up. Chose one per category. Top: flame, solid, etc. + Finish: cherry, lemon, black, etc. + Condition: new, VOS, aged. My favorite looking R is a plain top bourbon burst VOS.
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  6. Tim Plains

    Indian or Bolivian Rosewood on 2019s

    Just curious. Not a debate on tonal qualities. Is there any rhyme or reason which Rs receive Indian or Bolivian Rosewood? Maybe all domestic guitars get Indian and Bolivian is reserved for all exports? Looking at, I find it odd that Bolivian is only listed for the 2019 R9s...
  7. Tim Plains

    PSA. 2013 R8 flame top for $2,600

    No affiliation. Just thought I'd pass this along in case any MLPers were in the market and don't venture over to TGP often. I'da bought this hours ago if I wasn't waiting for something else...
  8. Tim Plains

    Good years and good wood

    Pet peeve of mine. I wish people would stop asking about good years and others wouldn't make good year claims. If you feel Gibson somehow makes better guitars during one calendar year, why do you think that way? If you feel one particular year is better than the rest, could you back it up...
  9. Tim Plains

    Anyone get into martial arts later on in life?

    The thought of giving someone a roundhouse is intriguing. :laugh2: I'm 40 and thinking of taking lessons but not sure what yet, something more striking based, Judo and BJJ don't interest me much. I'd also like to get my four year old into it but not so I could kick is ass every day. Has...
  10. Tim Plains

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    I preordered this game. Looking forward to countless hours of frustration.
  11. Tim Plains

    M2M experiences

    I'm sure there's been a thread like this in the past but let's try again. For those who went with a M2M, how would you rate the overall experience with the dealer (can remain nameless if you choose), Gibson, and most importantly, the end result? Was the guitar everything you had hoped for or...
  12. Tim Plains

    Current projects & plans

    Historics only. I just made a few changes to a guitar recently and thought to ask what you all have on the workbench. Do you have a particular R you're presently modifying or plan to in the near future? 2013 R8 I've had since 2014. It got a MSSC harness and double ABR wheels from...
  13. Tim Plains

    I think my next car will be a Camry

    Not sure why I'm GASing for a Toyota but I am. :laugh2: 2019 xse V6, white w/black roof, red leather. It looks so good. I wish manual was an option. Haven't owned an automatic since 2000. $42,000 sticker price. It would be the most I've ever spent on a car but can justify it if the car...
  14. Tim Plains

    Losing faith in Canadians

    How dare they send a high priority notification to my cell phone and disturb me!!
  15. Tim Plains

    I Think 2019 Will Be a Game Changer

    I hate the "____ was a good year" mentality but I'm going to go out on a limb and say 2019 specs will set the bar going forward. I know we'll see the typical "2019 is the best year yet" and "Gibson got it right"...until the 2020s come out, but more than usual, and much like people have been...
  16. Tim Plains

    Please delete

    Keeping it.
  17. Tim Plains

    Do you offer trades when you see no trades in an ad?

    I ask because I have one ad listing NO TRADES right at the top and another (both just locally) with No trades and yet all I get is trade offers. The worst part is it's making me a jerk (more so) because more and more I'm beginning to respond unfavourably. What part of no trades wasn't clear to...
  18. Tim Plains

    Your 2019 Purchases? Historics Only.

    I think I'm going to buy a 2019 plain top R8 if if the entire line receives the new specs. If it's just R9s, or 60th R9s, I'll probably wait for a used one I like. You?
  19. Tim Plains

    New guitar day!!

    Rarely do I pay full MAP but I just had to have it. Love at first sight. <3