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  1. Tim Plains

    FS: 2013 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop R7 VOS $2775 shipped

    Buy it now. I'll hold onto it. :thumb:
  2. Tim Plains

    Trade War and used guitar prices

    I agree, especially with SG Standards. I'm near Toronto. Standards used to be in the $700 - $1,000 range. Now everyone wants $1,400 and won't take less than $1,200.
  3. Tim Plains

    To sell or not to sell... a 2010 Junior

    Nope, no regrets and I've sold some doozies.
  4. Tim Plains

    Throbak pickups question

    You know this forum has a pickups section, right? I had an SG with DT-102s and never cared for the neck much but the bridge was great. Two other sets of MXVs with NOS wire I have are fantastic.
  5. Tim Plains

    Never even heard of anything like this before

    Gotta be honest and ask yourself how did/does it sound. The only time I'm not interested in live music is when it sounds like crap. R&B, dance, disco, trance, country, pop all fall into this crap category.
  6. Tim Plains

    Conned by Roxxy

    Roxie posted this on TGP, July 25. Both sides to this story are suspect. Ugh! I don’t even know where to start, but ANY advice would sure be helpful. I sold my burst replica to a guy I met here on the gear page. We did a partial trade on some pickups and the rest in cash. He insisted on a...
  7. Tim Plains

    To sell or not to sell... a 2010 Junior

    I don't see the point keeping guitars you don't use. What about buying the new guitar and deciding what to sell afterwards? You could always just keep one in the case or add another wall hanger. :)
  8. Tim Plains

    Break in period...achievement unlocked!

    For those who believe in this, what makes a guitar break in is the constant string vibration affecting the wood, so it would not apply to a guitar just sitting in its case untouched for a while. You simply have too many guitars and don't remember how much you liked this one.
  9. Tim Plains

    Pack of motorcycles running red light

    Found what I was referring to.
  10. Tim Plains

    Pack of motorcycles running red light

    I can't remember which state but I recall reading that it was considered or passed law permitting motorcycle processions to have right-of-way through intersections and be able to run reds. Maybe you live in the same state. I don't agree with it, just remember reading it last year.
  11. Tim Plains

    Legit ? R8 VOS #1 Proto , no COA , opinions wanted, pics

    Neither would I but I think we're in the minority.
  12. Tim Plains

    '01 Gibson Custom Authentic R8 • '13 Gibson R8 • '13 Yaron

    Fak, that 2013 is so tempting.
  13. Tim Plains

    About the 2018 Les Paul BFG

    It's a non traditional Les Paul and purists hate it for that reason, get used to it, that's just the way keyboard warriors are, the original BFG was also hated very much when it first came out. I had an 08. It was pretty cool.
  14. Tim Plains

    Is it sacrilege to install jumbo frets on a RI?

    I will stick with regular historic frets because I am used to and like them a lot. You should change them to whatever you prefer and not worry about what others think. To me, sacrilege is buying a guitar like this and not playing it because you don't like something about it that can be changed...
  15. Tim Plains

    '13 Yaron, '13 Historic R8, '16 True Historic Custom

    All look great but that R8 is just killer. :cheers:
  16. Tim Plains


    $2,700 for a nice 335.
  17. Tim Plains

    Gibson custom shop r8 2018 - rosewood or ebony fretboard? listed the 50th anniversary R9s with weight-relieved bodies for a short time. It's just an error.
  18. Tim Plains

    Walmart Discontinues Auto Part Sales To Prevent Car Accidents

    See, if you're smart, you'll go to Auto Zone to buy a muffler, get in a crash afterwards, and then sue Walmart for causing you to go elsewhere citing their decision to stop selling auto parts was a direct contributor to the collision.
  19. Tim Plains

    Aged True Historic - Factory Buckle Rash or Not

    I would think not factory aging but you have keep in mind that Gibson has not made any True Historics in over two years, so even if you are the first owner, that guitar may have sat in a music store all this time. Don't ever buy guitars sight unseen unless it's at/below wholesale, even then.
  20. Tim Plains

    worst commute day of the year

    Toronto traffic has to be thee worst in North America.