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  1. hpshooter

    Jackson Flying V

  2. hpshooter

    Did your new Gibson come with the previously included truss rod wrench?

    This is the type of shit that bothers me from Gibson! Every cheep ass import at least comes with a damn wrench!:wtf:
  3. hpshooter

    F/S 2 Slash Signature guitars. 700. ea.

    I have 2 Slash Epiphone Signature guitars that I bought and just never play. It's time they get used. I live just north of Cincinnati. I will not ship. Reply to ad or text me. 513-69 three - three three 19. One is the Tabacco Busrt the other is the Gold Top. Face it, there is no mistaking...
  4. hpshooter

    EMG Zakk Wylde set not working

    Take out the toggle switch and make sure it matches the EMG diagram. Mine was wired differently.
  5. hpshooter

    Ace doesn't even own the Budokan.... WTF

    With the Ace Frehley “Budokan” Les Paul Custom, Gibson Custom has painstakingly recreated every single one of the idiosyncrasies of Ace’s customized guitar, drawing on digital scanning technology and working closely with Frehley and the guitar’s current owner, Matt Swanson. When Frehley recently...
  6. hpshooter

    Those who bought a Classic Custom new

    Does yours also have the dent from the pickguard nut?
  7. hpshooter

    Those who bought a Classic Custom new

    Your guitar will come with the pickguard installed, and more than likely will have the dent from the nut underneth the pickguard as everyone I have seen has this. Damn Gibson!:wtf:
  8. hpshooter

    Post a picture of yourself! With LP or W/O!!!! :D

    My Tea Burst:wow:
  9. IMG 2571 1 1

    IMG 2571 1 1

  10. IMG 2569 1

    IMG 2569 1

  11. IMG 2564 1

    IMG 2564 1

  12. hpshooter

    Rocksmith post release thread!

    I think I'm going to run my guitar to an a/b/y switch. Split it there run one cable to the Xbox and the other to my amp. It should work. :dude:
  13. hpshooter

    best price for a classic custom??

    Wait for a sale.
  14. hpshooter

    best price for a classic custom??

    1615.00 after 15% coupon match at Sam Ash Online. :dude: Also no taxes or shipping fees.
  15. hpshooter

    Wranglers vs Levi's

    Levi's as a company are anti gun. With this said, I'm a Wrangler guy. :applause:
  16. hpshooter

    What band has the most....

    Not sure that everyone understood the question. I'm not asking what band has an album you can listen to all the way through..... I'm asking what band has the most albums you can listen to all the way through. This is studio albums only. GNR??? They have what.... 4 albums? Avengefold 7...
  17. hpshooter

    What band has the most....

    albums you can listen to from begining to end without skipping anything? I have to go with Led Zeppelin!
  18. hpshooter

    feeling human again, christmas time at work is in full swing! pics

    What is your best selling model? What about those Deans? I have never seen that many in one place. They must be a good seller aswell, huh? Glad to hear your feeling better, and I love the pictures.
  19. hpshooter

    Maple Fretboards on Les Paul Customs

    Be it what it is, I love my dark colored Maple fretboard Classic Custom. At 1615.00 out the door, it was an awsome deal!
  20. hpshooter

    Finally... My Black Friday Guitar Arrives! Classic Custom

    Ahhhh. Good eye. Yes I did. Also ordered all cream plastic when I ordered the guitar. So we'll see what happens with that as well.

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