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    Any ferrets?
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    Let’s see the last guitar you got.

    Most people associate "Made in Japan" Fenders with the FujiGen Gakki era of 1982 to 1995, so I assumed that's what you were thinking of. They are considered more desirable and better made than the "Crafted in Japan" Dyna Gakki Fenders that followed. My guitar was made by Dyna Gakki in 2010 when...
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    Let’s see the last guitar you got.

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    Let’s see the last guitar you got.

    MIJ Fender TL62B finished in "Old Lake Placid Blue"
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    The Doug and Pat Show new two videos.

    Doug cracks me up and he's also a great guitar player. Pat's 1960 Burst sounds the way a Burst should and I'm glad they're back.
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    Help identifying pickup

    As for Shaws, I believe the red marking denoted a neck pickup and yellow the bridge. They are interchangeable nonetheless.
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    Can pickguard cracks be repaired?

    I'd like to put the pickguard back on my Standard but it has a crack extending from the countersunk screw hole and needs to be repaired before reinstalling. Will any glue bond this plastic together? I read that modelers cement glue can melt the plastic and form a strong bond, but I'm skeptical...
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    Pickup suggestions

    This should answer most of your concerns...
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    Mojoaxe 'aged' Vintage Cream Les Paul pickguard *no longer available*

    Yeah, the one on the bottom is Gibson's current idea of a creme pickguard. It is considerably lighter than the one on top that came on my 02 Standard.
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    Mojoaxe 'aged' Vintage Cream Les Paul pickguard *no longer available*

    Thanks for the picture. Of these two pickguards, which does yours come closest to in color?
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    Recondition Swamp Ash?

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    My first headstock break

    Sorry that happened. I hope you get compensated for the lost value. What is that silver material lining the inside of your case? Was that what was meant to protect the headstock? I've never shipped a Les Paul, but I worry about movement inside the case if I ever do.
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    Recondition Swamp Ash?

    I have a Tacoma Roadking acoustic with a satin finish. The neck has become smooth and shiny as you describe and it is the best feeling neck on any of my guitars.
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    Recondition Swamp Ash?

    You can screw up a satin finish if using a gloss finish polish. It's also hard to undo. Use polish intended for satin finish like the one from Music Nomad.
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    Weight and resale value

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    What pickups went in the LP Standard before 2008?

    I got the notion last night after posting on this thread to contact Gibson and see if they could tell me what my guitar shipped with in 2002. They sent me the 2002-08 specs which does confirm BB Pros in the Standard of these years. They were also able to confirm that my guitar was a Yamano...
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    What pickups went in the LP Standard before 2008?

    The shop where I bought my 2002 Standard advertised the guitar as having 57 Classics. The neck reads 7.49 and the bridge 7.89 at 68F. Nothing but the patent applied for sticker on the bottoms so either 57 Classics or BB 1 & 2, I suppose.
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    WTB Dave Stephens/Stephens Designed pickups

    From France. Sacre bleu!
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    I'm banned from placing future orders with Wildwood Guitars

    I bought a beautiful HD28 Martin from Sweetwater about 10 years ago. The only thing about it that bothered me was a dull area in the finish on the lower bout. I was taking another guitar to the luthier who also does Martin service work, so I brought the HD28 along for him to look over the...
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    Does this guitar look legit or fake? I can't tell

    The "2" and the second "9" of the serial number look deeper set and higher than the other numerals. These aren't applied individually by Gibson, are they? I figured they would be combined on an adjustable roller and applied all at once and in line.

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