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  1. Stike

    What's on YOUR workbench right now?

    A mix of a couple different House Of Kolor Kandy Koncentrates.
  2. Stike

    Bulldog Les Paul Kit

    I bought this kit awhile ago when Bulldog Bodies was Ebaying a bunch of "B" stock. I got the neck glued in and discovered the pickup routs are off center, Dog ear covers would work if you don't want to fill and rerout. There's some pretty bad tearout in spots on the mahogany and the top is a...
  3. Stike

    NGD-Custom Build. If you like those single pickup Standards check this out.

    Ever since I first saw Billy Gibbons Goldtop Standard "Junior" in his book I've lusted for one but the combo of the price, the huge neck, and the fact I wanted one just a leeeetle bit different kept me away. I've also always wanted a Gretsch Malcolm Young model but never really bothered tracking...
  4. Stike

    Logo Stencils?-Used To Be On Ebay?

    Awhile back I bought a couple adhesive G logo paint stencils (looks screen printed) from an Ebay seller. I need some custom ones made and damn if I can't find their contact info in my records and there's nothing on Ebay right now that looks like them. The return address on the envelope says Sun...
  5. Stike

    Which lutheir should I get to refinish my Strat

    I was born in 1970, more like 86-88. I made those 2 years count!:laugh2:
  6. Stike

    What's the rarest guitar in your collection?

    Factory color so I didn't spray it but I was with Rick when he bought it-I was on their road crew briefly. The pinstriping was done by Tom Vanorwick Original automotive paintings by Tom Van Nortwick | Well Oiled Machines
  7. Stike

    Comedians You Love, Comedians You hate.

    I'm a big stand up fan and go to as many shows as I can. I like a lot so here goes. Kyle Kinane Patton Oswalt Greg Behrendt Tig Notaro Matt Braunger Bill Burr Louis CK Brian Posehn Greg Proops Kathleen Madigan Tom Rhodes Todd Barry Chelsea Peretti Marc Maron Al Madrigal Doug...
  8. Stike

    Nitro Clear Coats

    Just curious here. Sound like you bought from an auto body supply? If so are you sure they sold you nitrocellulose lacquer? I've never been to one that sold it-most of the employees don't even know what it is. You sure it isn't acrylic lacquer? Yep. In House Of Kolor founder Jon Kosmoski's...
  9. Stike

    Heritage Factory

    No dust mask? Why protect your eyes and ears but not your lungs? Looks like a posed shot-fingerboard not masked, buffer doesn't look to be running. I hope it is posed, buffing compound dust isn't anything you want to breath.
  10. Stike

    Seagrave from Lmi and Stewmac are they the same

    You've never been in the South during summer then my friend!:p
  11. Stike

    Anyone from the Raliegh Durham NC area?

    Just heard Sound Pure and Indoor Storm have merged and Indoor Storm will move to Durham/in with Sound Pure at the end of the month.
  12. Stike

    Ask me about North or South Carolina. Ill try not to lie to you.

    ??? I grew up in Chapel Hill with nary a mountain in sight and a shit ton of hot girls everywhere. I hope you're kidding. I spent enough time as a roadie traveling all over this country to know that the South does not have a lock on mouth breathing, dumb ****s. Rednecks are everywhere, they...
  13. Stike

    Anyone from the Raliegh Durham NC area?

    Cary Raleigh Durham I'm a Durham-ite so if you want any restaurant recs let me know what you like and I'll point you in the right direction.
  14. Stike

    The PAINT will not cover my Guitar

    Yes read that, go look at your guitar, go back and read that, go look at your guitar, then go back and read that, go back and look at your guitar, then go back and read that AGAIN.
  15. Stike

    Food Taboos - Stuff you just can't eat

    Yes-Crawfish, lobster, crabs. I don't eat mayo-it's de dam debil.
  16. Stike

    5 guys burgers

    I'm a big Char Grill fan, I was very happy when they opened one near my place in Durham. Since then though the folks that operate the Only Burger truck opened a store nearby as well and that's my new go to burger place. I like the Five Guys burger just fine ( I really like that you can get...
  17. Stike

    Lets See Your Bulldogs :)

  18. Stike

    I'm not sure if this one is gaudy enough....

    Yep. I like to finish up with some 3M or Meguires swirl remover. What urethane are you using?
  19. Stike

    I'm not sure if this one is gaudy enough....

    I've said it on other boards but I'll be redundant, love it!!!! Need bigger? Kustom Shop .025" Color Shifting Materials Going full coverage with .025" will be a chore. Try mixing it with some .015" and some .008". Need a whole bunch? Go to the source. Meadowbrook Glitter
  20. Stike

    Questions About Nitro and Poly Finishes.

    It'd be better to say "the nitrocellulose lacquer Gibson used on my 99 Classic sux." There are nitro formulations that don't get sticky.

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