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  1. RONM

    Does Ireland get the short end of the stick when it comes to stock?

    there has been a lot of boggies sent this way regarding gibson guitars... however my collection of em are all bang on, and the ORIGINAL r9 sold... by yours truly, was origanlly 5,999.00 in a light hertigae burst and it was liking pulling teeth to get it and to sell it but it played really well...
  2. RONM

    Better Value for Money?

    hey classic 30 is a cracking good amplifier, dont know what they retail in dollors but they only 499euro, and a cracking buy you'd have cash over for some new effects or maybe try buying an aditional 2x12 cab maybe
  3. RONM

    Best Overdrive Pedal?

    people people people . . . . the ROGER MAYER SPITFIRE - X, i have always relied on the distortion i get from my jcm2000dsl head until i got the roger mayer. Seriously supprised they aint had a mention yet
  4. RONM

    Boss DS-1 Question (Real techy question)

    not to sure on the wiring end, but this link should be able to cear it up for anyone that is up to spead on wiring Custom Effects Pedals
  5. RONM

    Gibson '61 SG Reissue

    i just bought one on monday . . :dude:
  6. RONM

    Which pedals where?? ( in the signal chain)

    yeah i'd agree on this one, it should always be tuner / distortion / modulation wha can go in after tuner, an eq pedal is a handy thing to have if add more modulation effects hope this one helps ya out:fingersx:
  7. RONM

    dean markley strings

    I hav tried them briely i found they lost tone after one gig, i used the ghs sub zero boomers for a good while and never had a problem... i have however changed recently to dunlops KFK signature strings, they're only available in 11's but they bend and got the flexability of a set of 10's...
  8. my brand new 2010 61" re SG

    my brand new 2010 61" re SG

  9. my es335 59"re in vsb

    my es335 59"re in vsb

  10. my babies

    my babies

  11. RONM

    61' sg . .

    you asked and i shall deliver . . .
  12. RONM

    Trying to narrow down between a few lower wattage tube amps. Suggestions?

    I'll second that, worked in irelands largest music store for several years and we sold most brands, the peavey classic 30 is without a doubt the best bang for your buck tube amp you'll get
  13. RONM

    What's the deal with Mesa Boogies? - and general amp question.

    hey ya'll doin, here's my two sents.... The lead guitarist in a band i play in tried a messa boogie dual rectifier... complete pile of shit.. he had 3 of them and had to bring them back within weeks with faulty transformers... for that metal sound without using stomp boxes i would go a...
  14. RONM

    Epiphone Rewire Before & After

    i recently refitted my old epiphone dot (es335 copy) with some hand wired pickups complements of Mr. k.w . . . got any pics of the top on that thing???
  15. RONM

    gibson robot guitars

    les pauls weren't much better, but weight was better distributed. i thought the necks just felt plastic, it reminded me of a brand of guitars called switch. they are a massive dissapointment for something with gibson & les paul on the headstock
  16. RONM

    gibson robot guitars

    Any of you guys got or tried out a gibson robot guitar recently, i've tried a few different models and could not see what all the fuss was about... what do you lads n lassie's think of them
  17. RONM

    What Amp do you prefer for a Les Paul?

    a les paul is a very versatile axe, amps work the same way... i personaly use a marshall jcm200 dsl100 valve head into i marshall 1960a cab with 4*12" celestion greenbacks. before that i used a create vtx combo, but marshall valve amps are the best way to go in my opinion
  18. RONM


    hey man, depends on what sort of sound ya wanna go with, i throw my LP Std into a marshall jcm200dsl + 4*12 celestion greenbacks in my cab.. but only cause i could afford one at the time. If you looking for something good and road worthy i would have to say a peavey classic 30 but thats just...
  19. RONM

    61' sg . .

    pics are on the way shortly, dont worry you guys will be the first the get a gander... the finish is a wee bit lighter than the usuall heritage cherry, but the sound and playability is balls on, first gibson i've gotton that i haven't had to adjust slighty from factory set up. in saying that...

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