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  1. redozzman


    I'll take a quad, tried to send a Private messages but having issues. can you send me a pm with payment details? Thanks!
  2. redozzman

    Early 60's Patent Sticker Pickup

    check your pm
  3. redozzman

    Nicky CC#24 Incredible Top

    what did the yaron look like that you traded? those are fine guitars as well..... wow
  4. redozzman

    wtb Landgraff Dynamic Overdrive, 2010 model or earlier

    Looking for a early 2010 version or earlier Landgraff Dynamic Overdrive. Thanks
  5. redozzman

    Bray 4550 Deluxe 50w in White Tolex

    Interested in trading for a friedman 50 watt head?
  6. redozzman

    I Robbed an Old Lady......

    Something tells me Mom and sonny boy might not be on the best of terms right now. His loss is your gain!
  7. redozzman

    Need some opinions on this SG wiring harness

    I'm trying to determine the actual age of this wiring harness for a friends SG. I know better detailed pictures of the pot codes would make this very easy but I don't have them. What I have posted below is what he sent me. I told him I would put them up and let the experts have a look...
  8. redozzman

    Have a issue with high e string fretting out.

    I have a 59 replica , that was built in 2010 . Just recently the High e string has started fretting out when bending 1 step up on the 7th fret. There is some fret wear obviously but that is the only place on the neck where there are any issues.No other strings are fretting out either. Could...
  9. redozzman

    Had a fire at my house..........

    I also have a Marshall 4x12 cab, the grill cloth is pretty bad, any advice on cleaning that?
  10. redozzman

    Had a fire at my house..........

    My guitars survived but have a lot of smoke and soot all over my cases and amps, one of my amps was damaged and a strat was sitting out and is now covered with soot. How do a clean them and what do I use? Thanks for any advice
  11. redozzman

    1981 Fender Stratocaster International Colors

    This is a bad ass looking guitar, I would love to pull the trigger, just don't have the funds! NICE!!!!!!
  12. redozzman

    SIAP, For your viewing pleasure

    Yep!!!!! I love that guitar tone!!!!
  13. redozzman

    SIAP, For your viewing pleasure

    Sorry if this has been posted! but its worth a second viewing!!!
  14. redozzman

    Who enjoys a good cigar?

    I really enjoy the Monte Cristo Number 2 its my favorite, I've been trying to find something along those line in that is a little cheaper, I might have to try the ghurka as we seem to favor the same cigar. I have tried many of the brands listed in this thread but always come back to that Number...
  15. redozzman

    TMZ: Cheech Marin's Guitars Stolen

    insurance scam perhaps?
  16. redozzman

    The story of Redeye's return

    "A picture is worth a 1000 words" These are not my pictures they were posted on another Ed King thread. I have a 59 replica that looks very similar to Ed's I love his stuff with Skynard especially the Winterland 74 or 75 concert... He is killing it!!!!!!
  17. redozzman

    What Do Old Les Pauls Smell Like?

  18. redozzman

    Jimmy Page ... History of his Guitars !!!

    From Pagey's site
  19. redozzman

    Control Cavity Chew Marks - Burst vs Max Vol. II

    Per Gill Yaron regarding the control cavity page 20 and page 21, I only posted page 21 1959 Les Paul Build - Page 21 - Telecaster Guitar Forum
  20. redozzman

    Really cool article on repairing a bad coil

    Sorry if this has been posted before. Cool article with some good info The Guitar Whisperers: Pickup Repair : Pure Guitar Magazine

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