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  1. pblanton

    NGD 59 but not sure what finish

    I have an '08 Standard in Iced Tea Burst (Profile Pic) and though this one is a decade newer than mine, mine was never reddish at all so I concur with the others that it isn't iced tea. Nevertheless. It's beautiful and you have cleaned it up wonderfully.
  2. pblanton

    THE best way to Ebonize Rosewood or other fingerboards

    This is indeed a very good technique for darkening (ageing) wood. I have used it many times myself and in fact keep a jar of it in my shop. One difference is, I use the cheapest dark red most bitter shittiest wine I can find, then mix it one part vinegar to three parts red wine before...
  3. pblanton

    90s Les Paul Special Headstock Repair

    +1 on the Tokai clones. Some people though just gotta have that specific "Gibson" logo on the headstock.
  4. pblanton

    Finish 'checking' on new LPs....

    The "big deal" is that they are charging a hell of a premium so people expect their guitar to be perfect. It seems to me that 20% is NOT enough of a discount from the premuim price to be able to just "take it" as a player-grade guitar. And yeah. Using guitars subjects them to dings and checks...
  5. pblanton

    Why can't Gibson make an accurate finish on a reissue?

    My '08 Standard Iced Tea Burst is still iced tea burst, and I'm glad.
  6. pblanton

    Should I get a p90 50s standard if I already have a 50s standard with humbuckers?

    This ^ Never sell guitars. Only buy them.
  7. pblanton

    Les Paul Junior strap / hanging question

    Get a new nice leather strap with a suede backside, where it touches your body. It'll stay where you put it. They're quite a bit more expensive than those ugly seatbelt-style straps, but worth it. Be careful though...
  8. pblanton

    Remove the stink from a Les Paul?

    I have a bottle of vanilla essential oil spray that I mist into my cases occasionally. I always let it dry overnight and then wipe the fur down with paper towels before putting my guitars back into the cases, just so there is no leftover essential oil on the fur. I also put a few spritzes into...
  9. pblanton

    1955 Gold Top at Norm's (no affiliation)

    That guy in the blue cap is pretty good.
  10. pblanton

    Proof that logo dont have anything to do with sound

    Nah. You're wrong. That extra screw in the truss rod cover prevents the guitar from ever being able to resonate properly which means that you can never get the right tone out of an epiphone. If you remove the bottom-right screw it helps, but the fact that the hole is there is something that you...
  11. pblanton

    NGD - Les Paul Custom w/ Floyd Rose of my 1980s Loving Dreams

    I'm not smart enough to play a guitar with a Floyd. I do have a Floyd Rose equipped Strat, but it makes me feel stupid and angry, so it's a wall-hanger.
  12. pblanton

    Went to the other side. Gamble paid off. Tele project.

    I love stories like this and have a few of my own. Most guitar players want to find a great deal on a perfectly set up guitar with no issues, but if you learn a few guitar tech tips and know what to look for, then you can find lots of great guitars with minor issues that make them totally...
  13. pblanton

    Strings Covered In Rust

    Never buy anything from Wish. It's a scam site plain and simple. You can get good stuff from China but Wish gives the whole country a bad name. There are YouTubers who make a nice living buying things from Wish and then showing how shitty they are. 100% everything they sell is shit. Their name...
  14. pblanton

    LP top seam off center

    I like odd / unusual things. I think it gives the guitar a little personality. As long as the rest of it is quality, I'd embrace it. If I was a buyer though, I'd rip it to shreds in negotiation because of that. Depending on the situation, I try to find whatever flaw I can exploit and then...
  15. pblanton

    Fulltone Going Out Of Business

    When I was in the Navy, we used eductors, which are tools that capitalize on the principle of eduction. Here is the definition, but somehow it doesn't help... eduction (ɪˈdʌkʃən) 1. something educed 2. the act or process of educing 3. (Mechanical Engineering) the exhaust stroke of a...
  16. pblanton

    Lumpy Neck

    I wouldn't accept that on an Epiphone; certainly not on a USA made Gibson. The strange thing is I would be very surprised to see that kind of issue on an Epi but not at all surprised to see it on a Gibson. Maybe that's because I know that Epis are all CNC machined and the Gibsons are finished...
  17. pblanton

    The Song Name Game

    Free Bird - Lynyrd Skynyrd Surely that's already been used, but I'm not going back over 1875 pages to see.
  18. pblanton

    How many Guitars (total) are in your collection, right now?

    There's nothing "reasonable" about any of it. I'm not saying it's wrong, it's just that one cannot expect to use the word "reasonable" to describe it. P.S. Don't let any of your wives read this ^^ I realize that I am unreasonable but my guitars are one of the things that give me joy, so I'm not...
  19. pblanton

    How many Guitars (total) are in your collection, right now?

    Nineteen. And I'm always on the lookout for the next one. I only sell them rarely so the number is expected to grow.
  20. pblanton

    Does a goldtop sound different than an IDENTICAL LP with regular nitro?

    There's only one knob on Slash's amp. It simply says, "slash" and it goes to eleven.

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