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    ***1957 Gibson LP Goldtop (conversion) ***

    I guess this is the one for sale on gbase? Maybe it should be in the classified section. The butcher of Ohio strikes again, two old guitars had to get mutilated to give you something else to put up for sale.
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    Starr Guitars 8 6915 Burst Restoration

    So the budget just wasn't there to restore this 1958 Les Paul? Any other excuses?
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    Starr Guitars 8 6915 Burst Restoration

    Here's one more possibility for you: I don't like the work. This is not the first luthier I've criticized on this forum (see those links above) and I'm sure it won't be the last. You can keep trying to charm me all you want, but I don't think it's going to change my opinion :D
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    Starr Guitars 8 6915 Burst Restoration

    The way you finished and aged/faded that area really emphasizes that, and that is one of several aesthetic decisions that I don't agree with. The overall effect, to me, is one of an aggressively artificially aged neck that stands out way too much. The binding looks chewed up as well, maybe from...
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    Starr Guitars 8 6915 Burst Restoration

    Feel free to attack my opinions. Attacking me personally is over the line. Read my posts on this thread: Ultimately Eelco had the work on his guitar redone. Or read this one, where a happy new...
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    Starr Guitars 8 6915 Burst Restoration

    So that explains why it looks so unnatural. It's not the original wear, but some kind of recreation of it. The neck wear on this guitar has been: 1) sanded back for the first refinish 2) refinished 3) sanded back again for your refinish 4) finished over 5) chemically stripped 6) darkened...
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    Starr Guitars 8 6915 Burst Restoration

    Look at the photo you posted, on the bass side of the neck - it's clean. But in the refinished guitar there are dark splotches there, and "stripes" of wear and fading going all the way to the neck heel on the bass side. So it's not original. The guitar was refinished before that photo was...
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    It took 40 years but.....

    Great to hear. Nice batch of guitars, too.
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    Starr Guitars 8 6915 Burst Restoration

    I like the burst, it is a cool guitar. The top is great. I would not be happy with the result of the refinish though. The neck especially is a train wreck. a) it looks nothing like natural wear on a well played neck b) why would you wear the finish off a refinished neck? makes no sense...
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    Vintage re-fret...without planing ;)

    The damage from pulling the frets is usually described as "chip-out" or something like that. Divots usually refers to playwear and most of the time that can safely be left alone.
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    Bridge pickup ring screw length?

    So, on a mid-1960's SG, for the bridge pickup, are all four pickup ring screws long? Or are the two closest to the bridge long and the other two short?
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    replacement tips for 3 on a plate klusons?

    He gave you bad advice. These buttons are designed to be installed by putting them in boiling water for two minutes, and then pushing them on the tuner shafts. That softens them just enough to mold around the spline. There is a video of the manufacturer doing it this way on youtube. You can...
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    replacement tips for 3 on a plate klusons?

    These are the closest. You can tint them if needed. Or just replace all of them. Bernunzio Uptown Music
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    Doubleneck EDS-1275 Case Wanted Jimmy Page

    Thanks for the help. I think that case will only fit the short headstock version, the JP has a long 12 string headstock.
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    Doubleneck EDS-1275 Case Wanted Jimmy Page

    Need a case for an EDS-1275 Jimmy Page double neck that will provide good support. Doesn't have to be the exact case Gibson sold it with, just something solid that will fit. I think TKL made one that looks pretty nice. Something like this would work.
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    1968 Les Paul Standard Goldtop Question???

    You can't really use Gary's Classic Guitars pricing to gauge the market. It's so high that he has had some of those guitars in stock for years and years. Look at the photo backgrounds, some of them are from ages ago when he used to have wood floors or whatever :)
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    ultimate guitar case for ur expensive guitar

    My favorite case for a vintage Les Paul is a Tokai case made in the late 1970's and early 1980's. They nailed the exterior look of a vintage Lifton but the interior is perfectly angled and shaped to protect and support the guitar. There is double neck support and the body is angled. Very high...

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