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    Luthier's Corner Plans / Templates Resource

    For what it's worth, I can confirm these are the best quality. Have the Headstock template and its first class. Plus this gentleman is real gem for his support and contribution to the craft.
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    Gibson laying off staff ??

    Having been in corporate management for years, I can say with certainty..."It's the management". Gibson's greatest period was under its best management. The more corporate BS they inject, the worse it gets. The work environment, the product/service, the whole deal. You spend all day in a...
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    First LP build

    Which video from Freddy's Frets is that pic taken from? I watch these videos all the time and don't remember this one. Freddy G has taught me so much through his videos and really can't thank him enough for all the hard work to bring us this information.
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    Nice Cat Freddy! Wally was a champ. Watched a ton of your videos and they have helped me immensely. Wish we had a whole new build series getting ready to hit Youtube. Hint, Hint..Thanks!
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    Poor fretjob?

    SS is more expensive. It's a time consuming process. Whoever did the fret job should pay to have it redone properly.
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    In Tele I Trust

    Freddy just want to say thanks for all the videos and I hope there are more coming soon! You have shown us all a lot of great techniques and what precision craftsmanship is all about. Know that's a lot of hard work to produce them. Hope you and the family are well up there. Take care Sir!

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