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    Any double cut jr style kits around with the open book headstock?

    Any company with a brand and a reputation aren't going to go there. Copyright infringement for a Gibson revolves around the headstock shape in particular. It won't take much to remove the extra material.
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    Here is a pdf of accurate trace of phili luthier trapazoid inlays...

    I have always wondered how many different variations of inlay dimensions as well as templates for the fretboards that are out there. I caved and bought an CNC mostly for fretboards. I made my own inlay patterns and cut on the CNC to have the inlay and pocket be darn near perfect with each...
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    CNC Cut Fender Style Necks

    I have a few different ones I stock now. I have a few guitar builders who are routine buyers and very pleased with these blanks. Save yourself some time if you are wanting to build your own neck. Medium C profile on the back, you just need to sand out some fine machining marks from the CNC...
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    CNC Cut Fret Boards

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    Curly Maple Top for Les Paul

    Pretty decent and tight flame on this set. $110 plus shipping.
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    8/4 Curly Maple Billet for a Les Paul

    About 1.9” thick. Intermittent flame patterning. $75 plus shipping. Some very minor hints of blue stain in the grain that is hard to get to come up in pictures. I have the potential to cut more of these if interested in more than one.
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    CNC Cut Fret Boards

    I have a few Indian rosewood Les Paul fretboards I cut based on Bartlet plans. Some are modern scale, some are vintage scale fret spacing. High end quarter-sawn rosewood blanks that are of good color and no visual defects. Inlay material was carefully selected to have a decent look, not the...
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    Old Growth Quarter Sawn Mahogany Neck Blanks

    I have several dense, old growth Honduran mahogany boards that I can cut quarter sawn (give or take 10-15 degrees…they can’t all be dead nuts on) neck blanks from. I will never build enough guitars to use them, and I am personally ok using rift sawn for personal builds. $110 each plus...
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    4A Eastern Curly Maple Billet for Les Paul

    Nice curl with character. The board had two screw holes that went halfway through. The one I cut through. The other will be in the horn of the body. Some indications of slight blue staining internally. I have resawn some pieces already and I’m the last picture you can see what the blue...
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    What's on YOUR workbench right now?

    Scored some nice curly maple slabs that are a mix of 3-4A flame. Some slight blue stain spots in some pieces I cut up, but nothing too unsightly.
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    Seeking a maple top set of a particular character....

    Not killer level curl, but it is tighter patterned.
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    Red Grain Filler

    I’ve done Behlen’s Por-o-pack natural grain filler with JE Moser cherry red and I think royal blue aniline dyes. You have to mix a very large amount of dye into a little bit of pore filler. It goes on super dark, but once you start building up layers of lacquer and it sucks up the dye on the...
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    Finishing a DC Junior in Vintage Cherry

    Here you go. You have to add a shocking amount of dye to just a little pore filler to get it to come out market enough. Mostly red with some of the blue. It will go on VERY dark but as you build up coats of lacquer it will lighten up considerably. The first guitar I ever did this way came...
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    Properly pricing my product

    After getting into side business work you quickly learn that the market dictates the price. I tried selling oversized cutting boards at a big discount over what online places were selling them, and it turned out to be a huge failure. Everyone LOVED them, but no one BOUGHT them. I do some...
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    What's on YOUR workbench right now?

    Finally getting around to cutting a Brazilian board for a personal Les Paul build.
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    Post Guitars You Built

    Gearing up for some builds this winter and some extra boards and inlays for other people. CNC sure pays off for this stuff. I am also finally working on a 12 string version of my custom design that I started 2 years ago and never finished.
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    Old Growth Honduran Mahogany Neck Blanks

    I have several of these out of my personal stash. Very well to perfectly quarter sawn from a very large old growth mahogany tree based on the curvature of the rings these blanks came from. This stuff is getting harder and harder to find. $110 each plus shipping.
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    Lumber wholesalers?

    It would depend on what you want species wise and how the particular wholesaler does business. Most wholesalers will make you buy a bunk at a time which can be several hundred to a thousand board feet. And not every piece of lumber will be perfect. You get what you get, no picking and...

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