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  1. sc-closer

    Partscaster Nightmare

    I just had to make a video about this one.
  2. sc-closer

    Meet the Biscuits!

    What is show day like for a small time local picker? I attempt to show you in this video.
  3. sc-closer

    Live Performance tips- Cues and stretching a song

    Latest video in my series discusses on stage communication and how/why to stretch out songs. Have some live performance clips with me playing "Ol' Red", a 1998 Gibson Les Paul Special with Lollar P-90s. Check it out and please subscribe. Thanks.
  4. sc-closer

    Just how much louder is it?

    This is the follow up video. Guys, check out the other vids on my channel as well. Thanks
  5. sc-closer

    Just how much louder is it?

    Lots of folks misunderstand which is why I posted the video. I am not expert, but I figured just showing the test would help clear things up a bit. Glad you guys are enjoying it. :)
  6. sc-closer

    Just how much louder is it?

    That is precisely the point I was trying to demonstrate in the video. :thumb: Glad you enjoyed it.
  7. sc-closer

    Just how much louder is it?

    Thanks Guitarhack! And thanks for subscribing. SinHombre- Well, if it takes =10db to sound twice as loud, then the experts would be right since the 50w was 10+ db louder. Also, the speaker in the 800 I was testing has a sensitivity rating of 101.5....the Class 5 speaker is rated at 96.5...
  8. sc-closer

    Just how much louder is it?

    How do you post these so that they show the video?
  9. sc-closer

    Just how much louder is it?

    Ever wonder how much louder a 15 watt amp is than a 5 watter? Or how much louder a 50 watter is over a 22 watter? Lot of variables but I have produced a simple demonstration. The results may surprise you...or not. lol! Check it out guys. Please subscribe to my channel, like the vid (or...
  10. sc-closer

    Youtube channel

    Thanks for getting those up like that for me Mr. Pickles.
  11. sc-closer

    Youtube channel

    Thanks for the tips.
  12. sc-closer

    Youtube channel

  13. sc-closer

    Youtube channel

    Started posting some vids. Here are couple in case anyone is interested. One on tone (cutting through a mix) and one on which is the better guitar...LP or Strat. Just some guitar talk. Like, share, subscribe.
  14. sc-closer

    Refin or no refin?

    I'd leave it as is.
  15. sc-closer

    Did I Just **** Up? RichLite??

    You are screwed. $200 tops resale. Will just go down the longer you wait. I feel so bad for you. Tell you what....I'll give you $250 for it to ease your pain. I hate to see you suffer like that. No need to thank me. Just knowing I helped you out is thanks enough. ;) :lol: If you...
  16. sc-closer

    my LP Traditional doesn't sound good

    I would adjust pickup heights, pole pieces and then fiddle with the knobs.
  17. sc-closer

    1990 Les Paul Standard FS/FT

    Dang...I just sold my SG! i would have traded for that!
  18. sc-closer

    Question for the giggers

    Less than a year before I played first gig back in the 80s. Of course, my first couple of bands were punk! Then when I got better started playing classic rock. Did not play at all from 92 until 2009, then started back.

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