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    Interesting '53 LP gutted

    Should be more than half off. It's less than half there.
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    Wizz Pearly Gates pickups

    The Paris to Roubaix. About 110 miles. Numerous sections of cobblestone. Crazy for cycling over there!
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    dumpster find.

    Frogs. Lots of frogs.
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    The Other Single-Cuts Classifieds (read the rules before posting)

    I have one - not for sale, sorry - and it is excellent; light, resonant, good bite. I didn't like either the tuners or pickups, but those were easy enough to deal with. Just make sure the Korina pieces are well-matched. Some have quite a lot of color mismatch. Best of luck!
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    Aluminum Tailpiece

    I've put Faber locking tailpiece / locking bridge on a number of my guitars. Faber is top notch, and it really does make a difference in sustain. I would suggest that you take a look at it, at least.
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    Greco SA-90 or Tokai ES100R

    I like the Tokai. I don't care for the headstock repair. If it were me, I would wait around for another early 1980s Tokai. Or, an earlier Greco SA900, or even SA1200. But, only you know what you really want. Good hunting!
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    1952 Les Paul - Next Project

    Jimmy Hoffa?
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    1952 Les Paul - Next Project

    Option (2), please. Don't change a thing on that beautiful top.
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    Trouble intonating / bridge replacement (Orville by Gibson)

    Just to make sure I understand: You've reversed the saddle on the screw, and you still don't have enough play? Thanks.
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    '69 Goldtop with a cranked '65 Marshall JTM45 and '59 Fender Bassman

    Curious - What are the rectifiers in the respective amps?
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    A Guide To Checking Bobbin Colors Without Removing Covers

    Those are super clean PAFs,James. Wow!
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    Dickey Betts and Dan Toler 1958 Les Paul Standard

    So, is this the guitar that Dangerous Dan sold, and Dickey blew up at him?
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    1994 Mushroom Les Paul

    You and Villager. Great find!
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    1968 Les Paul custom vintage.

    Lovely. But, a first post? Best of luck all around.
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    Weber Speakers

    Maybe throw in a side-trip to Goshen or Warsaw?
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    FT: 4 Real Deal 50s PAF Pickups - Trade For Guitars

    Must be some. I had to wipe a lot of slobber off my screen. Wow!
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    April 2 Announcement from Japan Post

    Japan has huge Covid-19 issues. They are, sadly, in for a very challenging 6-8 weeks.
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    The Other Single-Cuts Classifieds (read the rules before posting)

    Did I misread, Harold? Isn't that a 1980? Beauty!

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