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    1 humbucker. 1 3-way switch. What to do?

    Hello!! I have a humbucker in the bridge of my jr (It sounds really really great). However, I never use the tone control on my guitar, using tone controls on pedals or the EQ on the amp. I have a spare 3 way pickup switch from an awful 100 quid les paul copy. Can I use that to get a...
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    Home made vinyl pickguard

    Hello everyone. I have a quick question. Here is my LP Jr from Precision Guitar Kits. I know its pathetic compared to some of the works of art on here, but I have ordered ebony tuner heads and am making an ebony truss rod cover and cavity cover. More importantly though, I want to make a...
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    Stain AND tru oil?

    Yeah. I just ordered the cherry red from stewmac.
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    Stain AND tru oil?

    Thank you. Will just wet sand with the true oil. And yes, we use the proper words over this side of the pond :D. I had no idea what people were on about on these forums when talking about 'naphtha'... Thanks for the help. Any idea on a good stain colour? I just don't wanting to go purple with...
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    Stain AND tru oil?

    Hi there! First time poster, long time lurker... I am hopefully going to be receiving a Precision Guitar Kits Led Paul Jr. I really want to finish the body as bright red as mahogany will allow, whilst still showing the grain. I was wondering if anyone could recommend some stain which can be...

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