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  1. wootpow


    What have happened to my photos of my little girl Puddin? They are all removed but not by me
  2. wootpow


    lespaul01 Sorry to read such bad news, my sincerest condolences
  3. wootpow


    And this one was also taken 2 years ago with her new buddy and neighbor Tig
  4. wootpow


    And this one was taken 2 Christmas's ago
  5. wootpow


    This my little girl Puddin when she was a kitten
  6. wootpow

    Ngd, another sweet deal!

    Congrats on the new guitar! :thumb:
  7. wootpow

    Namaste, y'all!

    Welcome here Parabar!
  8. wootpow

    another new member

    I can only call it as I hear it Bill :lol: Have a good one :thumb:
  9. wootpow

    Another New Guy

    Nice to have you here Ss from another new guy
  10. wootpow

    Hi from Melbourne!

    Great to have here Pete
  11. wootpow

    Yeah I know, another noobie.

    Welcome to the forum
  12. wootpow

    R.i.p. Daddy..we love you.....

    My sincere condolences QuickSilverSS
  13. wootpow

    Hi, another noob checking in.

    Great to see you here vomer
  14. wootpow

    another new member

    Thanks all!
  15. wootpow

    another new member

    It must be only on looks :lol: not on my musical talents :laugh2::laugh2:
  16. wootpow

    New guy here on MyLP

    Welcome here pfox BTW you have a great site
  17. wootpow

    Hello from Newfoundland

    Welcome aboard Morkolo
  18. wootpow

    Epiphone EJ200

    I have the EJ-200ce that I do find very good but only with the correct strings.I have tried a number of different brands but for mine with the Gibson J200 strings I do like it. I also had the LL16 from Yamaha and found it very nice.
  19. wootpow

    another new member

    Seems a few members that I am familiar with here.This must be a great place :thumb:
  20. wootpow

    another new member

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone

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