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  1. glenngross

    Sold - Please Delete

    Price drop bump.
  2. glenngross

    PRS...pillar of consistency or sterile dud machine?

    It’s a new SE (not mine) FWIW.
  3. glenngross

    Dr. Z MAZ 18 Jr. Reverb Head UPG To MKII and 2x12 Cab (Head is Sold)

    I received this 2010 Maz in a trade in 2016. The other party wanted to keep his ZWreck style head cab, so the Maz is in a cab with a Remedy tube chart FWIW. I drove it to Cleveland for a MKII upgrade in 2018, which included the updated voicing, effects loop, and the variable boost foot switch...
  4. glenngross

    Sold - Please Delete

    I’m selling a few amps that I’m not using. I received this PBG era Sky King in a trade. As it’s not one of the newer versions, it weighs 49lbs. 4oz. The newer ones weigh around 60 lbs. AFAIK. it comes with a Le Cover cover. There is a paint chip off of a corner of the foot switch. You’d think...
  5. glenngross

    Let’s See Those Lemons!

    Gruhn Burst CC #35A
  6. glenngross

    Lets see them Tokai's

    2008 ES Custom
  7. glenngross

    Lets see your 68 Custom RI

    50th Anniversary
  8. glenngross

    NGD: 2008 Tokai ES Custom

    I found a NGD post from 2008 from the Tokai Forum for a sunburst one. Supposedly six guitars in the run with upgraded woods.
  9. glenngross

    NGD: 2008 Tokai ES Custom

    Dizzy with back to back comparisons with the guitars mentioned earlier, I ordered a set of Throbak ER Customs. Original pickups sound good, but the others sound a bit smoother and “organic “, for lack of a better word.
  10. glenngross

    NGD: 2008 Tokai ES Custom

    Makes sense, as I’m told that by 2008 it would have needed CITES certification. Tokai forum issue is resolved. I’m not sure that I’m bonding with the bridge pickup, but it’s too soon to really know. I reached out to Kurosawa; it would be cool if it was theirs and they had information.
  11. glenngross

    NGD: 2008 Tokai ES Custom

    I tried to post this on the Tokai forum and it got rejected as potential spam. I’ve inquired as to why. That should eventually sort itself out. I may try to contact Kurosawa and see if anyone there was around then.
  12. glenngross

    NGD: 2008 Tokai ES Custom

    I seem to have found a blond sister of the red guitar posted in the thread below. Pictures will follow. From what information I have found in that thread and one on the Tokai forum it appears to be a...
  13. glenngross

    Tokai ES-Custom (335) "Love Rock". Ever seen or heard of?

    I’ll post a separate NGD thread for mine shortly, and will attempt to link it with this one.
  14. glenngross

    Tokai ES-Custom (335) "Love Rock". Ever seen or heard of?

    Glad to help! UPS says Friday delivery. It’s not traveling too far so that may actually happen.
  15. glenngross

    Tokai ES-Custom (335) "Love Rock". Ever seen or heard of?

    I’m resurrecting this thread as I just bought what could be this guitar’s blond sister. It has a seven digit serial number beginning with 08 and the “love rock” headstock decal. Pictures are probably still on Music Zoo’s website, but I’ll post some after I receive it. The orange label shows ES...
  16. glenngross

    Fake or authentic Gibson ES-335

    I checked two online decoders which both show 2006 built in Nashville. Your sticker shows Gibson Memphis. Here is a link to Gibson’s site.
  17. glenngross

    Some 345 Love

  18. glenngross

    Share Your ES335

  19. glenngross

    How old are Historic and RI owners?

    66 next month.

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