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  1. rubyred epi

    Some fret advice please

    thanks guys . greatly appreciated
  2. rubyred epi

    What I love about Ace Frehley

    Me too - I remember seeing a TV presentation of KISS live in Japan when I was 9 , I had already liked the music, but to see the show blew me away - especially when his Les Paul sarted smokin` & exploded - don`t know if it exploded or not in reality - but it sure blew me away!!!
  3. rubyred epi

    Some fret advice please

    Gday My 1991 LP Std has a quite few flat top & divots/scoops on the frets, you can feel the divots as run a finger along it - basically some look like waves. My Q is - do I recrown them or just get it re-fretted? I just don`t want to spend all that time to crown them and then have uneven height...
  4. rubyred epi

    Gday from Downunder

    Thanks alot guys - nice place to be!
  5. rubyred epi

    Another new guy...

  6. rubyred epi

    Yeah I know, another noobie.

    Hey mate - good to see all the aussies here
  7. rubyred epi

    Hello Epi Brethren

    Gday to all the other Epi Brethren here - a little slow on the move I was.
  8. rubyred epi

    Digger Stumbles In!

    Gday Dig - a bit late , sorry!
  9. rubyred epi

    About the number of Robs in here...

    gday - a bit late I know.
  10. rubyred epi

    HERE it is...

    Gday mate - looking forward to updates on your build!
  11. rubyred epi

    just popped in.

    Good to see another familiar face - Gday
  12. rubyred epi

    Gday from Downunder

    Thanks guys - good to see all the aussies & familiar faces here !
  13. rubyred epi

    Hello from Toronto

    everyones over here now - gday
  14. rubyred epi

    Hello from MLP newbie

    GDay and welcome
  15. rubyred epi

    Another Newbie

    glad to see a few familiar faces here , Gday!
  16. rubyred epi

    hi guys...

    a belated welcome from me as well
  17. rubyred epi

    Gday from Downunder

    Gday all - new here, spent a bit of time with some of the other blokes here over at the Gibson forum. Hope to meet a bunch of like minded individuals here as well.:cheers:

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