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  1. Relic61

    2012 standard without nibs?

    Looks like an actual guitar player corrected the stupid $#it that was deficient with the 2012 LP Standard & made a highly playable Les Paul. Doesn't playability matter more than original condition & or looks in a 2012?? Who GAF about a 2012? Seriously.. who? Only if you are a guitar player that...
  2. Relic61

    Does this look like evidence of a repair?

    Can I borrow that for an upcoming Halloween gig? PM me.. :rofl: My friend had an old hollow-body / archtop ES 175 Gibson that I swear was haunted! It would often harmonically alter notes in ways I've never experienced before or since & I'd end up feeling outside myself while playing it...
  3. Relic61

    Gibson laying off staff ??

    Now you're thinking like a working musician that uses the guitar as a tool that needs to do it's job! Needless to say but (I will anyway) there are a whole bunch of non-professional types that buy guitars because they just like them for a myriad of reasons like wanting a guitar like their guitar...
  4. Relic61

    ONLY $19,999.00

    If it was painted gloss white, & Prince was still alive, maybe we'd have a buyer.
  5. Relic61

    Gibson laying off staff ??

    Interesting to note that this has been a repeated pattern with 'technological advancements'. Remember High Fidelity Stereo recordings?? Compare them to the compressed Mp3 kids are used to listening to. Remember how good a landline house phone sounded & worked? Todays rural cell phone use sux...
  6. Relic61

    Gibson laying off staff ??

    Maybe they could start making Les Paul's 'Log'? or revision thereof with available materials?? Yes, I'm just kidding.
  7. Relic61

    Talk me out of buying a Magnatone Super 15

    Dooode! Having only one amp makes Jack a dull boy. I would NEVER tell anybody that actually likes & or wants an amp not to buy it, especially somebody who was enthused about it as you.
  8. Relic61

    Ya Gotta Hate Them Norlins! NOT!

    Great for the well-off novice or collector, just so they can show off their rare 'Goldie' 1 of 50,.. maybe. It will still be dismissed by the sniffers as a Norlin &, the average player of modest means is just better off buying better collectable deals. Like suggested, this price is beyond...
  9. Relic61

    Ha Ha!! Post your LesPaul "Guitar Face"

    I see a close relation of Gary Rossington here brah..
  10. Relic61

    Please tell me somone else can see this lmfao

    NO FRIGGIN WAAY!!! It's like a garden gnome crossed with a troll dressed as Lawrence of Arabia!
  11. Relic61

    What do you think is the best Marshall amp ever made?

    I gotta throw down on the JCM 50 watt 4 holer Lead with EL34 power tubes and of course it's evolved next gen early JCM 2204 amps for the powerful harmonically rich & organic overdrive they made from 1977 & up as some 1976 year models did not yet have the cascaded gain stage & simply worked the...
  12. Relic61

    PRS: I may have been mistaken

    Right. And that's how it should be. In my scenario, not only was this a $3000+ guitar that should have been cared for but.. even after I said something to the sales guy he countered with 'Oh I don't think it's that bad' & totally brushed it off! Like I said, I wasn't here to buy THAT guitar...
  13. Relic61

    PRS: I may have been mistaken

    And to be clear about my post complaining about the $3000+ guitar I was handed to use in a music store that had a ridiculously high set up.. That simply can no longer be the fault of PRS QC after their guitars sit in music stores for God knows how long. no doubt that it is then the...
  14. Relic61

    PRS: I may have been mistaken

    Worth mentioning, although I love Gibsons & have more than I care to mention, I have been using PRS Sanatana model SE guitars for gigs, practices & even recording for about 8-10 years now! DISCLAIMER, I do change out the pickups as I find the ceramic based Treble / neck pup to be lacking some...
  15. Relic61

    PRS: I may have been mistaken

    It might be time for some Night Lessons AKA turning the lights out or simply not looking at the fretboard when practicing.?? This will force you to visualize your fretboard (without looking) & also knowing / feeling & hearing / listening to where your fingers are. Sure, it can be tough at first...
  16. Relic61

    Tuning Issues

    Well your Fender isn't the problem, so how are you winding the strings on your Les Paul that is giving you the tuning problems? You say you Aren't using this technique so.. IBeing you are NOT wrapping your strings with this self locking technique or, using locking tuners of some sort on your...
  17. Relic61

    Tuning Issues

    That 'Ping' is the sound of the strings being caught & bound up in the nut slot & then breaking free (either due to increased or decrease in tension IE; winding, unwinding or bending) which causes the string to move suddenly & quickly in its slot making that familiar 'ping' sound. It is almost...
  18. Relic61

    Tuning Issues

    From the picture of your Squire It seems apparent that you are not using the self locking (string pinching) string winding technique! A guitar wound like that will simply continue to slip & go flat with usage. Here's a close up view of what that locking string technique (that locks the...
  19. Relic61

    What are some good rock n' roll songs to learn as a relative beginner?

    The Donnie & Marie catalog collection.. Sorry.. could help myself
  20. Relic61

    Should i return my new Gibson? #3

    That is one of the most strikingly beautiful pieces o' crap to ever disgrace these noble pages of wisdom & knowledge! It rightly deserves to be dutifully tossed on the doo-doo pile as returning it would only subject a future buyer to the same distress & disappointment as you are experiencing...

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