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    Asking seller about weight of the guitar

    If and when I sell a guitar, I weigh it on the scale and I show a picture of the read out on the scale in the ad. I also put the disclaimer that this was weighed in my house with my scale, their scale may show a slightly lighter or heavier weight. An important thing to remember, is that when I...
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    Asking seller about weight of the guitar

    Whenever I sell one of my guitars, I always like to have as much information available as possible. The weight of Guitar is important to me, so I will always make it a point to weigh an instrument. I have a digital scale in my bathroom that my wife and I use, and I’ll pull it out and weigh the...
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    Gibson LP Trad Plus Neck Pickup

    I know this has probably been discussed many times, and I tried doing a search, but it is a non-specific search, and I can't read all the threads about it, so I thought it would be ok to start a new one! I have a Les Paul Traditional Plus that I've had for a couple years, and have recently...
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    NGD!!! 2009 LP Trad Plus Ice Tea's been 3 months, the honeymoon is over, and I still love this guitar!!
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    Marshall on my mind...

    Lately I've been itching to get a new amp. I've always played Combo amps...Love my Fender HRD, love my Peavey 5150 2x12, love my Blues Jr...but I really want an amp that kicks ass and has that rock n roll sound I hear in my head. Kind of a cross between GnR and VH. I've never owned one of...
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    Goodbye Haze's a NAD!!!

    I've always wanted a marshall half stack. I don't need the volume, but I still want one.
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    Older Fender Supersonics Vs. Newer Fender SuperSonics

    Problem is, that I've read way more good reviews about the amp than bad reviews. There will always be those reviews from folks that got an amp that shouldn't have made it through Quality Control. I'm gonna take a ride to Guitar Center tonight if they have one, and play the hell out of it. See...
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    Older Fender Supersonics Vs. Newer Fender SuperSonics

    I've played a few Fender Supersonics. I love the sweet clean tone (the amp does use the deluxe reverb platform). When you dirty it up just a little it gives some nice tube breakup for a nice blues tone (like my blues jr with the fat switch on). Kick in the burn channel, and that amp straight up...
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    Egnater Tweaker 40

    Watched a few demos...these amps seem to really wail. Have been in the market for another amp...was considering a Fender Supersonic...I really love the classic Fender clean channel, but the gain or "Burn" channel really rips. I currently have a Peavey 5150 combo and a Fender HR Deville, using a...
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    Father's Day Guitar "Family" Photos

    Thanks for the compliment. It took me years to find that one...Surf Pearl USA Double Fat Strat, hardtail version. Don't see many of them. Since I picked up my LP Trad Plus, that one has been sitting in the case...I'm seriously considering selling it. I'm hesitant, because I don't need to sell...
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    Father's Day Guitar "Family" Photos

    Well, this thread was inevitable...for those of us that have 2 families...flesh and blood, as well as wood and those guitar family photos. I'll start!
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    Les Paul Traditional 2011 issue?

    TAKE IT BACK!!! I don't know how that one got past quality control. It shouldn't look like that. Looks like it was hacked with a file or something...not normal, especially with the PLEK process Gibson uses. And be sure to play the standard a few times before you pull the trigger. I has an 09...
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    Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier

    if you wouldn't mind emailing me some pictures, I'd appreciate it. I live in Birmingham, AL and will be in ATL at the end of the week. [email protected]
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    Looking to try a new amp...

    I currently own a Peavey 5150 2x12 Combo, a Fender Hot Rod Deville 2x12, a Fender Blues Jr NOS, and a Fender Mustang I. I'm not letting go of any of my amps...I'm in the market for another amp and am considering trying something new. It has to be versatile, though. Honestly, I've been leaning...
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    You go to buy a guitar . . .

    I've bought 3 guitars in my life without ever playing them, all the others I've put my hands on and slept on it for at least a day before I pulled the trigger. I usually play the exact guitar I'm gonna buy before I buy it, or, if it's one I'm buying online, I play the same model at a local...
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    Today May Be The Day!

    man you took a chance having a vintage guitar shipped to you while you were out of town!! I order guitars only when I know for sure I'll be there to get them, or I have them sent to my PO Box. Hope it's a NGD for you!
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    NGD!!! 2009 LP Trad Plus Ice Tea

    LOL. Thanks man! I've been a strat player and a member of some strat forums, and I had a list of "I hate that guy" going for a long time on Strat-Talk because there were those guys getting signature series and custom shop guitars once every few months. I won't be that bad, but I understand my...
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    Thanks man. Makes me feel better. It fluxuates between 28% and 32% right now (it's getting Hot in Alabama this time of year!). I keep the air conditioner at 77 during the day and 73 at night.
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    I know this has been beat to death, but I haven't really had any luck with keeping a stable humidity level in my guitar room. Right now, it averages around 75 Degrees, and stayes at about 30% humidity. I've read that it should be at 40%. My LP gets stored in its case, but all my other guitars...

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