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  1. toastboy

    new song

    Long time no posts. Our band recorded a new song for this band contest where we can win a gig at the local summer festival and a crappy record deal. Yippee!!! But anyway most of the song is recorded with my R0 so I thought you guys might be interested. Here's the link Pearly Gates on...
  2. toastboy

    New music video!!

    Hi! This a video for our song Vicious Circle. Hope you guys like it. YouTube - Pearly Gates - Vicious Circle
  3. toastboy

    Piano Rock?

    Radiohead is great!! But you have to be in "the mood" to get in to their stuff. ...wait what was this thread about?
  4. toastboy

    Our new song!

    I'll let you know:thumb: Thanks! We try to do our best:)
  5. toastboy

    Our new song!

    We added another song to myspace, in case you guys are interested. It's called Concrete Shoes.
  6. toastboy

    Our new song!

    Thanks guys! The song is from our new EP that's coming out in few weeks. The other songs are a bit more rockin' I'm sure our drummer will appreciate the Porcupine Tree quote. He's a big fan. Thanks for the compliment on the acoustic solo. It turned out quite good, even though I'm not...
  7. toastboy

    Our new song!

    Hi guys! Our band has a new song up on myspace. If you're interested check it out at: - Pearly Gates - Joensuu/Helsinki - Rock - The gear used(since I know that's what you guys are really interested:naughty:): JMP 2203 for the semi cleans Bogner...
  8. toastboy

    Is This Normal?

    If your amp is 50w, then either 50w or 100w. I would think that 150w would be a bit too much. 100w might be the best choice. In case you decide to size up in the future. It'll probably heat up some but that's what they are meant to do. I have a 50watt minimass and I use it with my JTM45...
  9. toastboy

    Is This Normal?

    Yes mine is a JMP 2203 but I've taken 2 power tubes out to make it 50W. IMO Weber mass is the most versatile and at least I haven't had any tone reducing when using it. If you put it at max attenuation then it might get a little muddy, but that's way too quiet for my purposes anyway.
  10. toastboy

    Is This Normal?

    I have a 2203. I get slight humming when I turn it really loud, but nothing that would bother me. If the humming is unbearable you should take it to a tech. Do you have any pedals hooked up when you get the radio noise? I had a crappy crybaby wah wah that picked up radio transmissions...
  11. toastboy

    How do you guys act when you're at a rock concert?

    I hate it when there's a moshpit going on and in the middle there's a girl with an over protective boyfriend and every time you happen to run too close he's like "what the fuck! I'll kick your ass punk!".
  12. toastboy

    Meet THE KILLA 2005 '58 Custom Authentic

    That has to be one of the best looking tops on this forum!!! Congratulations!!
  13. toastboy

    Warren Haynes R8?

    Why not buy a regular R8 and do the mod by yourself. I think it would cost like 2 bucks.
  14. toastboy

    Anybody play with .11's?

    D'addario makes a 11-52 sets. My favourites:thumb:
  15. toastboy

    How did you learn to play?

    I learnt to play by ear listening to Sabbath. Their riffs are really easy to catch even if you're a beginner. I also suggest you get a teacher to get you started. After that it's easier to start learning by your self
  16. toastboy

    Pinch Harmonics

    Well I had a similar problem a while ago, even though I don't really use pinch harmonics that much. I noticed that my bridge pup wasn't as loud as the neck pup. So I raised it so that both were equally loud and noticed that I also had more sustain on the pinch harmonics. String height and...
  17. toastboy

    Sheptones Bluesky Set!!

    My favourite pups!
  18. toastboy

    Best Marshall Combo for Classic Rock/Blues?

    Did not know that. Thank you for enlightening me good sir.:)
  19. toastboy

    Best Marshall Combo for Classic Rock/Blues?

    Doesn't Paul use the Vintage modern?

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