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    Do used DVDs still sell on ebay?

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    Divorcing the Devil

    :lol:l think he must of just finished taking a crap, he looks satisfied.
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    Mega Money Match a Pair to Win!

    I received a key to a free car in the mail, l haven't went down to pick it up yet.
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    Adults are not allowed to change their mind?

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    NAMM 2016 and expectations...

    That's a cool looking case!
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    Custom Les Paul w/ Explorer Head?

    :dude:Cool gits
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    Do you buy extended warranty's?

    Dave ramsey
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    NGD for me! First time Gibson owner!

    :dude::dude:Love that top! HNGD
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    what scares you

    Tornados...they are evil BASTARDS...Satans tail
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    New ink! Lets see yours too!

    :dude::dude:Great looking tats
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    Can anyone help me understand this mess?

    I don't like to be called buddy.
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    Flying V or Strat? Wat da ???

    Somebody jumped the fence
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    The Weight

    That song always made me stop and listen. Some how a sad and remorseful song that tugs on my soul.
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    The Incomparable Van Morrison

    I luvs me some van the man...Thanks!
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    Find The Cat!

    I haz a brain hurt
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    Les Paul CM-T

    Well..........that's something.
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    I'd like you to meet my Beetlejuice!

    :dude:I like like it!
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    No wonder its cold outside..

    Laggy,bring in the brass monkeys.

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