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    Monster tops without stripes

    That is gorgeous! Wide flame with some nice bald spots!
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    Monster tops without stripes

    Incoming from Wildwood. An interesting top with lots going on.
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    NGD: R8 Lemon Burst Plain Top

    Beautiful plaintop! What an awesome looking duo :dude:
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    NGD 1995 Classic Custom Shop Mahogany

    Congratulations! I love the beautiful brown color!
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    Anyone Else Just Fine With Only One Les Paul?

    I initially started with the idea with only one Les Paul and one Strat... turns out that I can't really keep that promise to myself and now I'm up to 9 guitars in my collection which includes historic Les Pauls. I guess I might look to going for that single "one" in the future but not right now.
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    Pelham blue

    Oh man! You guys are really giving me GAS now!
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    NGD: 50s Std Honey Burst Faded

    Nice looking top right there. Congrats on your NGD!
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    Is it ever really TOO early to start them out?

    I was given a very old guitar at the age of 6 that barely played or had any strings on it, but it surely inspired my to start playing actively in school and I'm still going strong! Definitely never too early.
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    Gold top with teeth

    Black plastics on a goldtop are a killer look. Go for it!
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    Favorite pic of your #1

    That is just... so special! Wow!
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    Ngd: 2008 Gibson BFG

    Very weird/interesting looking finish. Not my thing, but I bet it would be a great player for many gigs.
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    What is The Most Expensive Guitar You Own?

    I currently have two historic 59 reissues that have definitely been on the top of my expensive list.
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    NGDish - 2016 Custom Shop 1960 Reissue, G0

    Very nice! Congrats on your new guitar. Seems like it already has a few gigs lined up for it! Enjoy :)
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    update on my Candy Apple Red R7 - pics added

    That's a rare color! Enjoy it and more pics please :)
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    Cloud 9 (2004 Chambered Reissues)

    Thanks for all the info! Happy to see that there is so much history to these reissues. Never had one but I might give them a try if I find a good guitar for sale.
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    My first Custom Shop Gibby

    Happy NGD! That's a very good looking top and color! I've never doubted new historics purchses plus there is always a good market to move it if you decide it's no longer "the one" at some point.
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    Looking for inspiration - what strap are you using with your reissue?

    I'm currently using these straps: I believe they're a French company. Very comfortable and very high quality leather.
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    Let’s See Those Lemons!

    Very vintage looking top! A beauty.
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    Let’s See Those Lemons!

    Gorgeous! I love plaintop lemons!
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    Need help with my r8

    Like the others already said - who looked at your guitar? Have you had it inspected by a luthier? I would say that this is the first thing you can do for now.

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