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  1. TVR1977

    antiques roadshow SG...

    The SG wasn't introduced til the very early 60's and were called Les Pauls. I don't think they removed the Les Paul moniker until '62 or '63, which was around the time the special was introduced.
  2. TVR1977

    '68 sg mm...ngd

    Nice job, Brent. Seeing as your MM has the regular Gibson headstock (I've never seen that on an MM either), I would probably have gone with a Batwing pickguard and made a Townshend SG special clone out of it. Of course, that would have shot the originality all to hell, so good job on conserving...
  3. TVR1977

    Can the bridge be changed on my SG?

    I had an old SG with the combination bridge/tailpiece. I had a Leo Quan Badass bridge on it that was fully adjustable. Fit on the original studs, worked great. Looked a little clunky, but did the trick.
  4. TVR1977

    FS Fender Musicmaster Bass

    PM sent.
  5. TVR1977

    Favorite memes

    For all your facebook "friends" that bore the crap out of you with every piddling detail of their lives:
  6. TVR1977

    It's an oxymoron, Moron!

    Here's a link to an article on about the "push for atheist chaplains in the military. Jesus Christ (whoever he was)! PC has finally gone completely off the rails! Chaplains Wanted For Atheists In Foxholes : NPR
  7. TVR1977

    The Title Track that's not on the album...

    I heard The Smithereens' song "Especially for You," and thought it was odd that it was not on the album of the same name. That reminded me of Zeppelin's "Houses of the Holy." Ditto. I know there are more examples of this phenomenon, but none spring readily to my mind. Anybody else know...
  8. TVR1977

    How will YOU celebrate.

    Tomorrow, 11/11/11, is "Nigel Tufnel Day." Any plans? 'Spinal Tap' Fans Celebrating Nov. 11 As 'Nigel Tufnel Day'
  9. TVR1977

    Gibson brought back the L6-S!

    The L6-S body was thin and fairly light. Sorry, but with the modified selector and no Bill Lawrence pick-ups, it isn't really an L6-S Custom. It's a "tribute" at best. The originals can be had for less, and I have no doubt they're better. The series/parallel and in/out of phase selector...
  10. TVR1977

    Be on the LOOKOUT.... Little HELP PLEASE !!! STOLEN GUITARS...

    Hey, not trying to hijack the thread, but the opening credits of "Storage Wars" shows a brief shot of a unit with a bunch of guitar cases in it. I've never seen that unit on any of the episodes, though. Has anybody seen it?
  11. TVR1977

    Be on the LOOKOUT.... Little HELP PLEASE !!! STOLEN GUITARS...

    There isn't any access to the units from the top, but the top is caged so you can see inside from above. I guess to make sure there are no illegal items within. The area above the units is only accessible to facility personnel. I've only seen it on indoor units. I suppose it also saves the...
  12. TVR1977

    Guitarists who have used other players guitars.

    Thanks for the correction, Craig. I remember reading about it in Vintage Guitar a while back, but I wasn't sure who owned it originally.
  13. TVR1977

    Be on the LOOKOUT.... Little HELP PLEASE !!! STOLEN GUITARS...

    Some indoor storage facilities have caged ceilings so the facility owner/manager can see what is in the units from above. If so, it would be worth asking the manager if you could access this area and look around. They may very well be stashed in a neighboring unit. Ask the police if they can...
  14. TVR1977

    Guitarists who have used other players guitars.

    Didn't George Harrison's Red (refin) L.P. once belong to Clapton? George gave the "rooftop" Rosewood Tele to Delaney Bramlett, and Jerry Garcia used it when the Dead toured by train with Delaney and Bonnie and Janis Joplin (there's a film of the tour - I can't remember the title). George...
  15. TVR1977

    Gibson S-1?

    I own two of them. $850-900 would have to be dead mint for the price. Players go from $450-$700 depending on condition. $1200 is way out there.
  16. TVR1977

    Before The Dave Grohl Gibson

    That's another Gibson sig that's based on somebody else's sig model. There were two, believe it or not, Trini Lopez models available from Gibson back then. The most famous is the modified 335 with the diamond f-holes and 6 on a side neck. The other was a full hollow bodied model based on the...
  17. TVR1977

    James Hunter

    Saw him live a couple of months ago. He is very entertaining, and an incredible guitar player. Not so much his virtuosity, but the fact that he plays some pretty hot licks while simultaneously belting out incredible blue-eyed soul. Definitely worth the price of admission if you get the chance.
  18. TVR1977

    What the **** is this 'thing'

    Yes, Bill Lawrence designed the electronics, pickups, and had considerable input into body design. The deluxe had standard gibson style controls, while the Custom had a 6-way switch for pickup configurations. The Midnight Special was a bolt-neck low-end model. The 3 guitars Lawrence did for...
  19. TVR1977

    Phil Collins has quit music for good

    Yeah, it should read "Phil Collins has quit for the good of music."
  20. TVR1977

    Best looking SG I've seen... (fs)

    I wonder what the back looks like. The fancy supremes had solid-color backs. I saw one with a transparent blue-burst top that was kind of like this guitar on eBay, but the back of the neck and body were a solid black or dark blue. Just didn't look right to me.

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