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  1. Rhubarb Red

    StewMac style guitar vise for UK luthiers

    Eureka!! Great tip - many thanks, Freddy. Big bungee rubber bands are now on this weekend's shopping list!
  2. Rhubarb Red

    StewMac style guitar vise for UK luthiers

    Hi there. The StewMac guitar vise (part #1813) looks like a useful addition to a guitar workshop, both for the professional luthier and enthusiastic amateur. Guys like Freddy G have such a vise (you can see it in his brilliant videos he generously shares on this forum), so if a pro like Freddy...
  3. Rhubarb Red

    Got a comissioned build coming up-EB3 Bass

    Lou - is this any help? There's lots of measurements at the end of the listing which, although probably not precisely the same as on an early 60s one, might get you in the ball park. Gibson Vintage Bass Guitar Neck Part Les Paul EB3 Maple 3 Piece Luthier | eBay
  4. Rhubarb Red

    LP Jr single cutaway plans/neck dimensions?

    Leroy - you're right, and I was wrong on the previous posting (which proves you should always question things!). OK: the depth of the neck pocket at the edge of the body (it's deepest part) is 1.25", one and one quarter inches. I went back and measured the guitar and discovered my previous...
  5. Rhubarb Red

    LP Jr single cutaway plans/neck dimensions?

    Leroy - hi there. The 1/8" refers to how high you need to raise the wrapover studs to raise the strings above the fingerboard. This is the pic that dimension refers to: As you can see, if you raise the studs about 1/8" to 3/16" you'll get a great action above the frets (BTW, the frets...
  6. Rhubarb Red

    Question - making MDF templates

    Use spray mount adhesive ONLY! Anything else is a false economy. I wasted a day and a 4'x4' sheet of 10mm MDF by using craft glue (the sort they give pre-schoolers) to glue the paper to the MDF. I band sawed it and then spindle sanded the body templates perfectly. I was really proud of my...
  7. Rhubarb Red

    My 1959 Replica Build(s)

    Not only outstanding luthiery chops but also great taste in DVDs! That Old Grey Whistle Test boxed set gives us rock dads many a happy hour (or 10) and quite a few of the guitarists are playing very tasty bursts, like the one Clem Clemson is playing in the Humble Pie track. And The Godfather...
  8. Rhubarb Red

    LP Jr Neck Fitting Question

    Here's a thread on which I posted details and pics of how I did a single cut Junior's neck joint. Might not be how they did it in Kalamazoo back in the day, but it worked for me.
  9. Rhubarb Red

    A horror story & a question

    BEFORE : AFTER : Is it my eyes, or does the fingerboard binding look thicker in the "after" photo than in the "before" photo? Is that due to the camera shake? Or has this guy removed the fingerboard? But there was more than enough meat on the frets in the first place and I don't...
  10. Rhubarb Red

    My Daughter's Tobacco Burst Project

    Astonishing work! I hear BCR Greg is urgently looking for a repair person in his shop...
  11. Rhubarb Red

    How much would an average luthier charge?

    Save your money on a respray - Gibson already makes a white Historic SG and you can get them used for under $2,000: 2006 Gibson '61 RI Les Paul/ SG Std. VOS Arctic White > Guitars : Electric Solid Body - GrinningElk Music Company | 2003 Gibson SG White > Guitars : Electric Solid...
  12. Rhubarb Red

    GooCart's 1 Build

    As he didn't play above the 12th fret in the video, the intonation of the bridge saddles technically doesn't matter (so long as the guitar's in tune). But, as we've seen on his build threads, Magnus sweats the details and anyone who's followed one of his builds only to assume Magnus can't be...
  13. Rhubarb Red

    2 x 59 Burst LP's for my first build am I crazy!?

    Chris - if your attention to detail and craftsmanship on the build replicates the time and work you put into learning that Yngwie Malamsteen cover, the LPs will turn out great!
  14. Rhubarb Red

    My 1959 Replica Build(s)

    Greco - great thread. I really like the look of your fingerboards! Where did you source the inlays from? Keep up the great work! :applause:
  15. Rhubarb Red

    Dark burst Re-Finnish

    I think the band of red between the tobacco brown and the amber is really classy looking. Congratulations - it'll look fabulous when it's reassembled. :applause: Two questions - what shade was the original finish? And how did you strip the original finish off?
  16. Rhubarb Red

    The Brockburst Les Palmer build.

    Great thread and killer top - that'll look amazing when it's finished. And as the owner of an original Mini, you're obviously a man of great taste. In 1982, my first car was a 1972 Mini Cooper S in Brooklands Green with a white roof and the two white stripes down the bonnet/hood. Buying that...
  17. Rhubarb Red

    The No BS Inlay Thread

    A cool guitar (love the "not quite lemondrop" shading on the top) made cooler by getting rid of those awful inlays. I've recently swapped out similar inlays on my 2003 RI '54 Oxblood that has a certified Brazilian board. The BZ is gorgeous but the inlays really spoiled what is otherwise a...
  18. Rhubarb Red

    luthiers for hire?

    +1 on what Gator said. Also, even if you do find someone willing to do it, making a neck for a LP - especially a fancy LP Custom neck - will not be cheap (to make from scratch, fit and make good will be over $1,000 and that's a low estimate) and it'll be an absolute false economy. The resale...
  19. Rhubarb Red

    The No BS Inlay Thread

    Anybody have an opinion about this? I discovered this Chinese company called the Jiujiang Celluloid Industrial Co.Ltd. selling "Musical Instrument Material" and the picture on its website is the picture Frank took and is the one on the first post on this thread. Here's the link: Plastic...
  20. Rhubarb Red

    MLP Bartlett Build

    Aw Tom, now you're just TORTURING us! :laugh2:

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