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    The Decal on this '57.....

    you can see where it use to be
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    NGD: '79 Custom 3 Pup

    it could be a refinish but that one sweet looker
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    Epiphone brent hinds flying v custom with hard case

    never scene them with rised gibson lettering on that model before
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    Guitars are time machines

    yea I still love it the same way as when I started
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    Pancake body problems question

    good fixer upper I would not pay over 700.00 for it.
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    Gibson LP Standard 2016 T Finish Bleeding?

    wow just play it and stop triping!
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    NAD: Egnater Tweaker 15 Combo

    check power tran after you play for a while make sure it not getting to hot
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    Swapping an Alnico V into a 57 Classic +

    ua5s are nice did it in a burst bucker pro
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    If you had all the parts in your stash to assemble this, is it a good deal?

    IF you keep a eye on them there are deals I got a sgj for 350 and all ready hade the parts for was a 2014 shipping was free
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    Is this a 1 piece back on this LPM

    look at the sides to see
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    NGD - Gibson Les Paul LPJ 2014

    Id strip the top redo it as some burst it has alot of flame on it
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    Epiphone brent hinds flying v custom with hard case

    wheres the inlay and epipi name
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    Is this a vintage Gibson bridge??

    not original bridge
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    Does my Les Paul Tribute have a bad nut?

    looks fine to me
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    I'm afraid to put new strap pins on my LP Standard!

    those rubber ones work great.use them for years now
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    NGD: 1999 Washburn WMS

    its a 47 cap instead of a 22
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    Elitist with no logo

    could have been removed
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    Guitar Center Help? Yes, I should have known better...

    enough talk send it back

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