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    Specs of newer LP Customs - Long neck tenon ?

    Hi all, I'm just trying to catch up on the newer LP specs (post-2017). It appears that LP Customs now have a long neck tenon. In what year did this start ? Thanks !
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    Can polish remove the silkscreen logo on an Historic ?

    I mean with compatible polish of course. Is the logo on the top of the finish on historics ?
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    Can polish remove the silkscreen logo on an Historic ?

    It's all in the title. I would like to polish my LP, but wondering if too much of it could remove the silkscreen logo ? Thanks !
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    Ripped Off on Reverb...Almost

    This. How are you sure your serial is false ? There is absolutely no database for AVRIs (well until 2012, when thay started to number them with a VYYXXXX system). Maybe people here could help with pics.
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    [FS] [EU] Stunning Gibson LP 1960 Reissue

    Hi guys, Here is my R0 for sale. It's made in 2010, has the coveted cali-girl case, ans is otherwise full stock, with COA. 3400€ including shipping in Europe. I think that's a fair price for such a great axe and top ! I'm in France btw
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    TH Specs : what is "double carve" ?

    Hi, I am curious about one of the TH Specs. What does the double carving mean for the top actually ? How is the process going, and how does it differ from "standard" carving ? Thanks !
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    Advice on 2009 Les Paul R8 VOS used price (europe) NGD Photo update

    I have sold a good condition 2008 R8 for 2300€ lately, if that helps (I'm in France). I had a hard time moving it, and I think equilibrium price is close to 2200€. So 2325€ looks quite fair.
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    Gibson Les Paul MarK Knopfler signature VOS

    I will let the specialists chime in, but to me it always seemed like the MKs had the 2017 specs - so 2014 specs + TH covers and plastics ?
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    New guitar: Mark Knopfler VOS #133

    I have one too - an aged one (8lbs, ultra ultra low serial), and it's as good as it gets. Congrats !
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    FS - EU - 2003 Gibson R9 (9-30XX)

    In which country are you located ?
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    Legit 1957 Custom ?

    Hi guys, That's pure curiosity, but are there any red flags besides the low price on this 57 ?
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    Wiring style? 68ri LP Custom

    Anyway, they switched to 50s wiring for the Historic Line in 2009, so any 2008 would have a modern wiring.
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    Fender '56 Custom Shop Todd Krause Masterbuilt Stratocaster Relic 2013 Black

    Any specific specs, regarding the radius, frets and pickups ?
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    What Year is my ex-R9?

    I would guess it's 2007. Def not 2009. Wasn't 2008 the year they introduced the black cases for R9s ? Or was it 2009 ?
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    Shanks neck profile

    Found on a Wildwood video : Serial Number: CC07A013 Brand: Gibson Custom Shop Model: Collector's Choice #7 1960 Les Paul "Shanks" Neck Shape: Rounded (.880 1st - .970 12th)
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    57' BB tuners?

    Gibson switched from Grovers to Klusons in 2007. That's why you see both. The waffleback are more recent, 2013 and after I think (the True Historics have them for sure). Back in 1957, the Wafflebacks were the normal ones.
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    '56 and '57 Juniors - any difference?

    I always thought the top hats have been introduced in 55 ?
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    So what's up with this R9?

    The fretboard seems nice however (despite the bad pics). Very consistent with the ones I have seen on many 2007 R9s. It always makes me feel that there was something special that year with the rosewood.
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    NGD:Knopfler '58 VOS

    What seems unusual to you ?
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    Vintage Gibson Les Paul Custom Case

    It's indeed advertised as a 68, but I wanted to know the differences. The 68 does not seem to have the Gibson plate on the side (but which may well have been lost in its life) ?

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