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  1. Babylon

    NGD! 2013 Trad Pro II... some ?'s though

    I owned one of those. I like the stock pickups but the boost circuit was a waste and mine was also noisy. I would put the original pups back in and change to '50s wiring as stated several times. I have a '17 classic wired this way and it's the best sounding LP I own.
  2. Babylon

    2016 vs 2017 gibson LP standard

    Rolled fret edges give the '17 ... well, the edge. I would also try a Classic. I like the neck better (non-asymmetrical) and prefer the pickups, wiring and weight relief.
  3. Babylon

    Antique Burst? Yuck

    Looking at the photo above from Thomann, put me in the "like" category. Heck, now I want one!
  4. Babylon

    Help me pick a new Les Paul??

    I dig your avatar. I would go BG all the way and make sure you get the one with the Texas shaped buckle rash if you're willing to get a quirky guitar. Reasons: Billy is one of my all-time faves. His axes are very light and resonant. It's a cool collectors piece. Not my style, but Billy's...
  5. Babylon

    Can't choose... 2017 Standard Blueberry

    Against the current. I like the first one. Not a big fan of the chevron pattern and prefer the straighter grain.
  6. Babylon

    If you had three grand to spend on a new guitar, would you buy LP Standard or PRS?

    I prefer my LP Classic to the Standard. Plus, you'll have enough left over to buy a Gibson Firebird or a Strat.
  7. Babylon

    Replace 15DB boost on 2015 LP with regular knob

    There's the neck, the nut, the tuners and the wiring. Pass.
  8. Babylon

    NGD: 2016 Traditional Honeyburst

    It's a stunner!
  9. Babylon

    2017 Classic LP Grover Locking Peoples...

    I just bought a new Classic -- love it. I recognize that tuners are only part of the equation regarding tuning stability, but I find that the Grovers are really solid.
  10. Babylon

    2017 Les Paul Classic - NGD

    Thanks guys. I agree that the Classic is the best buy for 2017.
  11. Babylon

    2017 Les Paul Classic - NGD

    I typically fall for flame maple tops, but this HCSB plain top really won me over -- especially after I plugged it in. Plays and sounds killer. I love the new rolled fretboard/binding edges and the Grover locking tuners. This is such a welcome change from the old 3-knob version with the goofy dB...
  12. Babylon

    What colour should I paint my Strat???

    My favorite Strat color is Candy Apple Red. The Dakota is a good middle ground between CAR and Fiesta Red, but I think it is a touch too bright. I also like Candy Cola with a Rosewood board.
  13. Babylon

    Help me choose my new Les Paul? I need opinions!

    Choose the one that plays best and tweak your amp.
  14. Babylon

    Having a WTF moment at GC: Pics!

    Looks like dust to me. A little lemon oil should clean it up. I agree that the staff should have addressed this but it is what is is at GC.
  15. Babylon

    Should I buy a 2015 LP Classic?

    Had one. Sold it. Couldn't bond with the neck, which to me became the deal breaker. The robo tuner worked fine but that neck . . .
  16. Babylon

    2017 LP Std HoneyBurst AAA Top

    It's gorgeous. Hope it plays as good as it looks!
  17. Babylon

    Premptive NGD - Which Classic to pick?

    Gibson really got it right with the 16s.
  18. Babylon

    2015 classic boost question

    The boost is noticeable if you play clean, but is indistinguishable with gain. Mine was noisy as well and I wound up returning it.
  19. Babylon

    My Les Paul Studio faded

    I like my faded more than my Standards!
  20. Babylon

    NGD- Blueberry Standard HP

    Great choice! Nice tight flame as well.

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