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    Ibanez Futura (Moderne)

    Just a head's up for everyone... I have a well played, definitely not mint but not bad either.. great player, sounds amazing... looks awesome.... Ibanez Futura (Moderne) that should be hitting the bay within the next couple weeks. So look for it if you're interested! Best of luck if...
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    Billy F Gibbons Moderne UP-Close

    Billy's Ibanez Futura (Moderne) looks just like Satriani's black one in the Chickenfoot XMAS 2011 video they made. I have a korina one that is AWESOME! I'd hate to sell it but I think I'll have to one day soon... unfortunately. It's a little beat up but plays and sounds amazing! MJK
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    Gibson Artist CMT - RD Artist Guitar Owners

    I wanted to start this thread to mainly cover people who have had experience with or own the Gibson "Artist CMT" guitars mainly... but since the RD Artist is basically the same, electronics-wise, we can discuss those here too! So who has experience with these guitars? And is it good or bad...
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    Hamer Rick Nielsen Futura & Ibanez Rocket Roll Sr

    This week I have the Rocket Roll Sr up on fleabay... Next week I should have the Rick Nielsen Futura up.. we'll see. I said I would keep my friends here up to date on these.... Please message me if you have any questions, thanks! Michael
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    1975 Ibanez Rocket Roll Sr. Flying V

    I'm currently selling my Ibanez Rocket Roll Sr on the bay, if anyone's interested. I didn't get the Hamer Rick Nielsen up this week though, maybe next week. Thanks! MJK
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    Jimmy Page Black Custom Bigsby

    Going to look at a JP Custom with Bigsby today... Does anyone here have one and what do you think? What should I watch out for? Thanks! Michael
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    Hamer limited edition Rick Nielsen Futura

    I have, basically, the same guitar that I am selling too. The only difference being that it is the prototype for that production line and it has the actual signed pickguard included (an extra) that served as the prototype for the copy guards that went onto those production models. It comes...
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    Any Gibson RD ARTIST Owners?

    I have an RD Firebird with the Moog electronics.... gotta break that sucker out! It's been too long! MJK
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    Slash Signature Murphy Aged Les Paul -Questions??

    Just getting ready to put my unplayed Slash relic #122 up on the bay! Feel free to contact me if you have any interest about it.... I can testify that it's an amazing playing & sounding guitar, though barely played..... just noodled on for a total of about 45 mins! hahahahahaha! I'll post...

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