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    Beginner practice amp

    Many good options mentioned here. I would look at the Yamaha THR5/10. Sounds great at low volumes, great versatility, and plays more tube-like than many entry level tube amps. It's small and light and runs on batteries too. It's a little light on bass compared to an amp with a 12" speaker but...
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    4 watt amp

    Plenty of great low-wattage amp options. Don't know what kind of music you're looking to play but my Vox AC4 sounds very good with my LPs. It produces some great vintage crunch and decent modestly distorted sounds. It's not capable of metal. Blackstar's lower wattage amps sound very good...
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    Yamaha THR series vs Mustang III V.2

    I've tried both out extensively. Wanted a smaller amp for bedroom play. In my hands the THR10 sounded much better at lower volumes. When the volumes got high (close to the limit of what I could play in my apt...prob 90-100dB) then the Mustang had more thump to it. I found the THR10 easier to...
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    Torn between these 2 Studios

    VS all the way. The red looks good but since there's no flame the VS offers something extra. Also not a huge fan of gold hardware for durability reasons. That said both look better than 99% of guitars out there... Cheers, NM.
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    Look, its a Juice Tiger. (Warning, 2014 NGD content)

    Sexy guitar. Love the flame. Cheers, NM.
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    NCD - Orange Micro Stack

    Sweet amp - one of the best deals around. I've heard the cab and it sounds good too. I'm sure the stack is fantastic. Cheers, NM
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    Thoughts on this top?

    Looks fantastic. Sweet guitar! Cheers, NM
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    Suggestions On A "Bedroom" Amp!!

    I must agree for a low volume "bedroom" amp the THR10 is hard to beat. I've tried low-wattage amps with built-in attenuators, low wattage amps with external attenuators, and a variety of dirt pedals...none sounds as good as the THR10. Plus it's ridiculously easy to use. Cheers, NM
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    Les Paul Futura

    Rod, Spew out all the details you want about Gibson customers, this forum, and quality complaints. Glorify your LP standard. Make stupid comments about women to people you haven't met. Hopefully all of that stuff makes you feel important. Once you're over that please go to a guitar store...
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    my new amp is out for delivery, Yamaha THR10

    Just got a THR10 myself this week and it is awesome. Mine had to be exchanged but I'm sure yours will be great. I think you'll be very impressed by the tone, ease of use, and quality of construction. A great unit. Wish I could also get a THR10C and a THR10x! Cheers, NM
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    Suggestions for new amp

    If you're dead set on a tube amp the Vox AC4 is pretty sweet. That said I recently purchased a Yamaha THR10 which puts all of my tube amps to shame at low volumes. It is indeed a digital modeling amp but simpler to use than most and sounds better than anything I've tried at lower volumes. My...
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    For any rattley Excelsior owners

    Thanks for the advice. Knowing my luck mine will start rattling any day now. Love it to death even with the stock speaker though. Cheers, NM
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    NCD - Jet City JCA12S+

    Congrats on the cab. Just grabbed one of these for myself and I must agree it's a tremendous value. I'm guessing the JCA speaker is as good or better than anything else found in a cab of this modest cost. Sounds great with my Vox AC4. Cheers, NM
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    THR10 Ringing sound

    Hardly seems like a power supply issue - none of my other amps behave this way. It sounds weakly microphonic...but it's so high pitched that the sound drives me nuts. Wish there was something I could do to adjust it. Cheers, NM
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    THR10 Ringing sound

    Hey guys, Just got a brand new THR10 today (V2). Sounds great. When I turn the gain or master up the amp makes a high pitched squeal. I've tried different outlets, different cables...but as long as a cabled is plugged in when the gain is turned up the amp begins its squeal. I've tried...
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    YAMAHA THR-10 review!

    After this thread and these clips, exactly how is one supposed to resist purchasing a a THR10? I know I couldn't...just caved and bought the original THR10. Why am I already lusting after a 10C and 10X lol? Cheers, NM
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    small practice amps

    My take: Fender Super Champ X2 - One of the more versatile options. Sounds fantastic (even if it's a hybrid digital/tube amp). Great at low and medium volumes. The fender BF clean (channel 1) is hard to beat. Yamaha THR10 - Also sounds great. Better at very low volumes than most of the other...
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    Buying used and floor model amps

    I bought a Vox AC4 on ebay as "new" but without a box from a music store. A month later after playing it maybe 8 times the fuse keeps blowing. I doubt Vox or the shop I bought it from will be of any help. A $160 lesson for me... Cheers, NM
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    AC4 Help - Blown Fuse

    Is it worth replacing just the fuse or fuse+tubes or should I just bag the amp? Sad as I loved its tone and only enjoyed it for a month! Cheers, NM
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    AC4 Help - Blown Fuse

    Hi guys, My Vox AC4 quit working today. I was playing my LP into a Joyo vintage OD into the AC4 (volume at half, Attenuator set at 1watt) through my Weber Mini-mass attenuator. Sounded glorious. After about 10 minutes she went silent. I took the head apart and the tubes light up. The...

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