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  1. Bordeaux

    R8 disaster!

    Same R8 is either in my hands, being played or in the case. Then again, I'm not in a band currently, so it's easy to say and do. A buddy of mine sent me a pic a few weeks ago of his accident. He has a 90 LP fell over (I believe from the stand) and snap! Headstock broke...
  2. Bordeaux

    Asking seller about weight of the guitar

    When I was younger, weight wasn't really something I thought about. I had a Gibson LP Traditional, I swear that thing weighed 11lbs or more. Loved it until I started playing in a band standing up for long periods of time. Now that I'm a little older, weight is something that I contemplate...
  3. Bordeaux

    Murphy Lab Owners Thread

    That's a beautiful guitar!
  4. Bordeaux

    Murphy Lab Owners Thread

    Here's my R8 ML lightly aged. I absolutely love the aged guitars. I think they give it a one of a kind feel (because of course they are) and character. I know some people just totally hate these but to each his own. Mine is a keeper, its def a cut above my standard LPs. Ive had mine a little...
  5. Bordeaux

    NAD: Splawn Street Rod!

    That's a beautiful amp, congrats! I've always wanted to play a Splawn, always heard really good things about them.
  6. Bordeaux

    NAD - Orange OR15

    Thanks jbash, appreciate the confirmation. I could have swore they had this cab hooked to the 8 ohm jack from the Orange cab (1X12) to the OR15 head at the store but from what I've been reading, that would have probably blown the head. Then again, when you have 100 people putting their hands on...
  7. Bordeaux

    NAD - Orange OR15

    Just picked mine up last night, ended up also getting the matching PPC112 speaker cabinet to go with it. Newbie question I know so my apologies in advance but this cab is 16 ohms so I should be using the 16ohm jack on the OR15 head, correct? My last cab was 8 ohm and of course used the 8 ohm...
  8. Bordeaux

    NAD - Orange OR15

    Sorry for resurrecting an old thread but... I went up to my local GC yesterday looking at a used Marshall JCM DSL 2000 when I happened upon one of these OR15 heads. I normally have a rule against buying anything made in China but I'm just going to have to throw that rule out the window. Besides...
  9. Bordeaux

    Can you remember the fx pedals you've let go AND wish you hadn't?

    Strymon Lex Rotary......bought it used, seem to have some weird hum/buzz but looking back, I believe it was just my power source. Dumb, dumb, I would say I'd buy another one but those things are $$$ and good luck finding one used :(
  10. Bordeaux

    Thinking about trading my 339 for a Tradtional

    Yeah I purchased a Gibson ES339 before I bought the ES335. They are great guitars but I just felt like if I was going to play a semi hollow body, I should be playing an ES335. I also had some issues with upper fret access with the ES339s. Actually right after I sold my 2012 Gibson Les Paul...
  11. Bordeaux

    Thinking about trading my 339 for a Tradtional

    I'm kind of in the same boat myself, I have a 2014 Gibson ES 335 Figured Dot Vintage Sunburst. Thinking about trading for a 2014 Les Paul Standard Plus Heritage Cherry Sunburst (in mint condition). I like the ES335 but I don't LOVE it. Before I bought the ES335 I had actually bought a 2014 LP...
  12. Bordeaux

    2013 v 2014 Traditional

    I never understood the whole outcry over the 120th, 12th fret inlay on the 2014s. It's really not even that noticeable to me especially after I saw the 2015 headstock... now to me, THAT'S ugly. To each his own I guess.
  13. Bordeaux

    Have Wah? Use Wah?

    I've had several different brands of wahs but normally never use much. I did use a wah when we do some Cream covers. I end up buying one, thinking I need it and then never use it. Then I sell it again and at some point, buy another one. I just got rid of another one (Dunlop Cry Baby Classic...
  14. Bordeaux

    Egnater Goldsmith Over Drive

    Hey guys, My weekend was crazy so I didn't get a chance to post any pics yet or do any demos. To answer some of your questions, yes it has TS9/808 level gain (I think it has more but according to Eganter, its supposed to be about that same level) and the boost is it's own channel. It has...
  15. Bordeaux

    Egnater Goldsmith Over Drive

    Picked this up from Guitar Center the other day. I almost hate posting until I get some pics. I just wanted to let everyone know, this is one fantastic pedal. Very well built, a little big but I let that slide because it sounds like a tube amp. Plus it has the boost side which pretty much makes...
  16. Bordeaux

    That little switch on the Plexi-Drive

    Yeah its great pedal, I sold mine and really miss it.
  17. Bordeaux

    NPD Wampler Black '65

    Great pedal, can't go wrong with Wampler, congrats!
  18. Bordeaux

    Sell Les Paul for 335?

    Ok folks, Gibson QA strikes again, I pull out my new guitar and awe at it's stunning beauty. No cracks, the body is perfect, so far so good. I take it out and start to play it and I'm hit with dissappointment. The B string is very, very buzzy and doesn't sustain like the other strings. I...
  19. Bordeaux

    Sell Les Paul for 335?

    Well I had to send back my first ES 335 Cherry, had hairline cracks on both sides of the neck when it arrived at my house. No idea who caused it so just sent it back and now I have a ES335 Figured Vintage Sunburst waiting for me at home, just got delievered :dude: Ill be heading that way in...
  20. Bordeaux

    NGD - 2010 Gibson SG Classic

    Nice guitars guys! I wished I'd never gotten rid of my SG :(

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