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  1. sdgiffin

    WTB: Lollar Imperial Bridge (Chrome)

    Hey guys! Looking for a Lollar Imperial (regular spacing) to stick in the bridge of my HSS, S type guitar. Prefer Chrome, would consider Aged Chrome, and would also consider the High Wind version. Looking for a fair price, located in Canada. Shoot me a PM with your offers! Thanks!
  2. sdgiffin

    FS: Seymour Duncan Andromeda Delay *NEW*

    Hey guys, Up for sale is this badass delay pedal from SD. 128 presets, tap tempo, MIDI programmable, tons of tweakable parameters. I'm selling because I am using a Fractal unit for live playing and this is collecting dust. It is new, open box. Was only tested and it sounds great! $280USD...
  3. sdgiffin

    FS: Seymour Duncan Custom Shop 78 model Set *BRAND NEW*

    Hey guys! Up for sale is a Custom shop 78 model from SD wired by MJ! These are brand spanking new. Haven't even taken them out of the foam. Looking to get $300USD +shipping. Open to reasonable offers. Thanks!
  4. sdgiffin

    FS: Lovepedal Eternity Fuse TS/Treble Boost/Clean Boost in 1 Pedal

    Any chance this beast is still available??
  5. sdgiffin

    FS - THD Hot Plate Attenuator 8 ohm

    Up for sale is a THD Hot Plate. This guy has served me very well over the years but I have now moved onto lower wattage amps and modellers so reason to have this laying around! Looking for $180 USD + Shipping
  6. sdgiffin

    FS Pedals!! Seymour Duncan, Port City

    Hey guys, I've a few pedals to unload as they are just collecting dust. All of the Seymour Duncan pedals, aside from the Vapor Trail, are brand new open box. I was sent the lot and just have no use for them. The Port City Salem Boost is brand new open box but the Sahana Drive has been used. All...
  7. sdgiffin

    FS: Seymour Duncan - Vapor Trail Analog Delay

    Hey guys, Up for sale is a mint Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail Analog Delay. I love this pedal but fortunately SD sent me 2 and have no use for the second. Looking for $150US + Shipping. Here is a video of the actual pedal. Me and my bandmate made this video (and many others) for Seymour Duncan. I...
  8. sdgiffin

    FS: Sovtek MIG 60 (almost mint!)

    Would you be willing to ship to Calgary, Alberta, Canada? Also, have you had any major issues with the amp? Thanks
  9. sdgiffin

    FS: Fender American Vintage '59 RI Stratocaster - Faded Sonic Blue

    Is this beauty still available?
  10. sdgiffin

    FS - Seymour Duncan Antiquity Texas Hot Pickguard Set

    Hey guys, Up for sale is a brand new, never installed Seymour Duncan Antiquity Texas Hot equipped pickguard. I got this with plans to put into a strat project but never ended up going through with it so these have just sat around collecting dust. These go for $445USD new, looking to get...
  11. sdgiffin

    FS - EVH 5150III 50w

    Sold on eBay! Close it up.
  12. sdgiffin

    FS - EVH 5150III 50w

    Hey all! Up for sale is my beloved EVH 5150 III 50w. I am selling this because I have decided to downsize as I just have too much gear! The head is totally stock aside from the fact that I swapped the front and back grills due to do doing product videos for Seymour Duncan, Port City, and...
  13. sdgiffin

    FS - Port City Sahana Drive

    Give it a bump!

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