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    Record/vinyl fans. Help needed speccing a setup

    What about the Project Debut Carbon with an Onkyo A-9010 amplifier paired with Q-Acoustics 3050 floor standing speakers? The whole thing comes in at around £875 or $1,275. Would anything else be necessary with this sort of set-up or is this just ready to go with some cabling?
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    Record/vinyl fans. Help needed speccing a setup

    Hi :wave: I've been putting together a reasonable little collection of mostly jazz vinyl for some time now and I'd like to get a nice setup to play it on :) I am limited budget wise to about £800/$1,200 or so, so I can't go too crazy. A quick look around sees me leaning toward a Pro-ject...
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    Boss RC-30 Question

    Hey, been looking at one of these for a while. I had the TC Ditto for a little while but I found it a little frustrating due to (as far as I could tell) your first loop limiting the duration of each subsequent loop. i.e, if you want to lay down a 4-bar rhythm to keep time with and then...
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    Country music fans? Recommend me some classics

    Wow. I just checked back this morning. Thanks very much everyone, this is great!
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    Country music fans? Recommend me some classics

    I've been writing country style songs on and off for a while, but I've never really listened to very much of it until recently. I live in the UK so we only really have Johnny Cash in the forefront (not that there's much wrong with that!). Through Tommy Emmanuel I've started getting into it a...
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    Is buying a PS4 now a bad idea?

    Wow, thanks for all the replies. Looks like I'm getting a PS4!
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    Is buying a PS4 now a bad idea?

    I know there's a lot of gamers on here, so I though I'd ask :fingersx: I've been thinking about one for a while and now the price seems to have come down a bit. They've just released the Destiny Taken King spec ed (or they're about to), 500gb. I know the 1T models are available now too...
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    Advise me on motorcycles.

    Damn, the Street 500 is one ugly Harley :shock:
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    Springsteen. No shit.
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    so what creeps you out and makes your skin crawl?

    Things that have no legs or wings or other form of propulsion. Snakes, worms, slugs. Snails are ok because they have handles so you can easily move them. Snakes especially because they do that thing when they get like half of their body up in the air. Brrrrrrrrr.
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    A little bit of zen....

    That was a crap book. Really can't understand why it did so well. (yes I can. people like me bought it on the basis that it did so well and, therefore, probably can't be crap.)(bastards.)
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    Another bad experience: Ender's game

    It was on in our house about a fortnight ago. I just got up and started doing other stuff after about halfway. Just bad. A moderate children's film at best.
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    Pranking with texts

    The Painting is my favourite so far.
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    N…uh.."U" D!!!

    I hate ukeleles, but I have to say it looks nice :)
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    Lose a tooth? This kid might have found it.

    Ah, I knew I was missing something! Should have used the vice! ...:hmm:
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    Lose a tooth? This kid might have found it.

    I remember finding a dinosaur tooth when I was a kid. I carried that rock around with me a long time before someone convinced me it really was a rock. I also tried to make diamonds by hitting lumps of coal with a hammer. Seemed like I was onto a winner at the time -couldn't figure out why no...
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    How do you choose a musical instrument?

    It's a chart to help choose a musical instrument.
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    I dislike when people let power

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    Oswald and Speaking Russian

    I started trying to learn Russian about a year ago. It wasn't as bad as I expected it to be, once you start remembering the characters it's extremely phonetic. Unfortunately I just couldn't think of any useful application for learning it (I never even plan on visiting Russia) so I stopped...

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