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  1. geese_com

    SOLD: Burst Replica - BOTB 9 0640 inspired

    I don't play electric much these days, so I am reluctantly listing my Burst replica for sale to help fund the purchase of a vintage acoustic. It is inspired by 9 0640 from the page 54-44 of The Beauty of the Burst book. I probably have only played it a handful of times since I got it in the...
  2. geese_com

    Kemper Stage w/ 2x Dunlop Volume Mini X pedals & lots of paid profiles

    I don't play much electric guitar these days, so I rarely use the Kemper Stage. Selling the Kemper Stage to help fund a new acoustic guitar purchase. The Kemper Stage is in excellent condition and works exactly like it should. Includes the two Dunlop Volume Mini X pedals. I will also include...
  3. geese_com

    JamCity Burst-Inspired 1959 Singlecut (Lightly faded cherry)

    I would buy the Stephens Design HD59 pickup if this guitar was sold without pickups.
  4. geese_com

    WTB: PRS Bernie Marsden SE

    Looking to buy a PRS Bernie Marsden SE. I've owned two of them in the past but sold them for various reasons. I'd really love to have one again.
  5. geese_com

    Favorite Song on a Burst

    What is your favorite song featuring a Burst or your reference song when you think about Burst Tone? Mine is The Super-Natural by Peter Green. I'm working on building a playlist with songs made with Burst guitars, so I'd love everyones input. Thanks!
  6. geese_com

    WTB: Stephens Design or Doyle Coils pickups

    Thanks for the tip. My other option right now for pickups is a pair of ReWind Low Output PAFs. I honestly am not that knowledgeable about different pickups. I am going for more of a Bloomfield, Kossoff, Peter Green - The Supernatural sound.
  7. geese_com

    WTB: Stephens Design or Doyle Coils pickups

    I have a 59 replica that I would like to put some nice PAFs style pickups in. Looking for preferably the HD59/HDPG set or Doyle Coils Tru-Clones PAF pickups. If you have other Stephens Design pickups or even other PAFs that you think might work well please let me know. Thank you!
  8. geese_com

    WTB: Les Paul/Burst Related Books

    Looking for some Les Paul/Burst related books to add to my collection. The only book I have right now is The Beauty of the 'Burst. If you have any you would like to sell please send me a message.
  9. geese_com

    WTB 59 style luthier built singlecut guitar

    I really wish I could have purchased this one: If anybody has a 59 style singlecut guitar (or even the guitar in the thread above) for sale please send me a message. Thank you!
  10. geese_com

    FS: PRS 57/08 & 59/09 Pickups

  11. geese_com

    FS: Shure GLXD16 Digital Guitar Pedal Wireless System

    I do not see myself gigging anytime in the near future so it is a little overkill to have this for around the house. Everything is in great condition except for a scratch (not a crack) on the screen of guitar pedal receiver. Works exactly like it should. Comes with everything pictured...
  12. geese_com

    The first Sunburst Les Paul? 1958 surfaces

    Awesome! Thanks for the link.
  13. geese_com

    What band do you go see-no matter what?

    Van Halen
  14. geese_com

    FS: Suhr Modern Koa

    Price drop to $3,325 shipped and PayPal.
  15. geese_com

    FS: Suhr Modern Koa

    For sale is my Suhr Custom Modern. This guitar is pretty much all koa (top, body, neck, knobs, backplate, switch tip). See spec sheet for guitar specs. This guitar isn't seeing much use, so I am putting it up for sale. The guitar is in excellent condition with only very minor wear. It has...
  16. geese_com

    JD Simo killing it with his 60 LP

    JD Simo is a killer player. Can't wait to see him live next month!

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