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    NGD 94' cracked headstock studio

    i bought a lps 98 standard a few years back for 345.00 dollars on ebay,the guy said it had a neck repair,when i got it i couldt see anything wrong with it but a chip that was repared on the side,i hope the neck wasnt broken because i sold it for 1400.00 clown face guitar,id feel real bad can...
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    neck breaks

    lol thats why i posted this,seems all lesters been losing there heads today,may be a virus goin around,but any ways i cant see where the volute would make any difference, and wanted to know what you guys think? ive sent numorous lesters thru ebay, bought several never had a problem with a...
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    Show your Les Paul with Bigsby

    has any one seen the horeshoe monut? its about 50.00 but it lets you mount a bigsby on the guitar witout drilling holes serious any one wants to see it ill post it, also wondering how the bigsby returns back to pitck ata in tune?????
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    neck breaks

    do headstock breaks happen more on new lesters compared to the old fluted style headstocks
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    US vs UK prices

    i want to add something,usa doesnt charge outrages import taxes that we should? maybe those damn les paul fakes would not sell,everything we import abroad is taxed to death buy there goverment! is that fair trade? I DONT THINK SO
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    Arm Wear

    those are lite no arm wear unless your a wimp,weigh less than usa strat please???????? whats all the hipe! with the weight? thats what good guitar straps are for,please my 68 bb weighs 13lb and its a piece of cake playing with the right guitar strat, more weight more tone way more,and all...
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    Going up to 11

    only problems ive had were with 60s slim taper necks like the 98 les paul standard dc 24 had to do a full turn to get the bow out,super fast guitars even has a built in vibrato,lol it change pitch from # lb depending how you held it,those baseball bat necks no problem
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    Les Paul production markings?

    your guitar is newer but the original tim shaw pups were numberd 139-183 they gibson did a reissue in the 2000s era special order, those dont seem to have any real visiual markings except the patten applied for,black sticker,the second pup looks like a new burstbucker pro, tim shaws were close...
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    Check out this finish

    were those a guitar center exclusive guitar? i seen alot of guitars exclusive to gc with yellowed inlays,maybe gibsons useing them on gc guitars to get rid of the yellowed inlays,they dont make the classics anymore, love the finnish on yours enjoy
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    Les Paul Classics....

    i sold les paul classic mint condition used for 1750.00 april 2010 it was a gold top said 1960 on the pick guard were those more $ new??? but ive noticed used lester prices going way down lately im in michigan:fingersx:
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    US vs UK prices

    are you saying a epi lps sells for 1700.00 us dollars in brazil? whats a lps usa selling for in the uk in us bucks?????/
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    Les Paul production markings?

    i ran across another guitar on the net its was a 80s lester the guy had the sw stamped in it, he said it meant tim shaw pups,and thats what gibson uses the pup cavities for so the next guy knows what going on with the guitar while being built,if the guy doing the electrics in it didnt see that...
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    are Grovers the best

    my 06 lester came stock with grover locking tuners,they actualy have cam that comes up and locks the string in the whole thru the tuner,fantastic design
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    gibson les paul standard rare?

    not the same guitar but nice,you can tell the difference in the lower horn there rounded not the same,your looking at the the rounded horn selling at 1999.00?mf gc?
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    gibson les paul standard rare?

    thank you this is a cool lester you gota play it to appreciate
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    gibson les paul standard rare?

    no you can always see the parting lines on a three piece neck!unlike the see thru finish were you can see it the ebo or what ever yiu see a fine line in the finish,you always get a line in the pieces,its just that way,probaly the glue raisie up and shows a line in it,i wish i was rich id cut it...
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    gibson les paul standard rare?

    how did you tell its not a neck thru? would end my curiousity?any outside info says it is,in here im finding out differend,looking in the pup cavities i can see a joint line on both sides,? mabe im seeing things but the only specs i can fined say that its a neck thu constuction?if someone has...
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    gibson les paul standard rare?

    Gibson Les Paul Double Cuts — Patrick Hansen check this out you may have the same thing and not know it? do you have a pic of your headstock from the back?mines a 1 piece ya i see what you mean trc cover that could be tru but ive got a dc standard 24 and its nothing like my standard all it...
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    Joke of the day

    ill probably get banned ? but posting a relply with out actualy understanding the quiestion????????????
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    gibson les paul standard rare?

    so they had always made these with the neck all the way thru the body?i1 piece necks? i dont think anyone is realy looking at the specs i posted and thats what im looking for but thanks

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