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    89th Academy Awards

    I laughed at this too....Hollywood is a ruthless industry and while the actual on screen "acting" work may seem easy to an outsider, (and I don't doubt that it is compared to a lot of other professions), successfully navigating the industry itself is the intangible aspect that is quite...
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    19 kids and counting

    Even if they don't "apply for assistance", the rest of the taxpayers foot the bill for the various gov't services that a family of 19 utilizes vs that of a smaller family/single individuals...on top of the fact that a family of 19 will pay less proportionately into the pot per all the tax breaks...
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    19 kids and counting

    Yep, with 19 kids...that's what...76K of dependent exemptions a year based on last year's #s....not to mention the 1K child tax credit for each qualifying nearly 100K of tax free income...and that's not counting many of the other credits they may qualify for (dependent care, etc.)...
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    WESTWORLD is coming!!11!!

    Are they trying to suggest that Bernard was also a former board representative who started asking the wrong questions and was subsequently offed/replaced by Ford prior to Theresa? Or am I reading too much into that?
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    5 Songs By Marilyn Manson I Should Listen To?

    I've always been of the opinion that Mechanical Animals was one of the best hard/glam rock albums of the 90s....I know most die hard Manson fans don't appreciate that particular album but I thought it rocked....
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    Canadian tax laws concerning life insurance claims

    Without getting into the complex depths of insurance, estate, and trust law, generally speaking, insurance proceeds received by named beneficiaries upon death of an insured person are NOT considered taxable on the recipient's tax return in the US. There may be a few US states that tax them, but...
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    I'll second this. I can't remember the last time I used my debit card. I put everything on the credit cards and every Friday morning I login and pay the entire balance. I manage the credit cards just like cash, but the cash back and miles rewards on the credit cards are far more advantageous...
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    Chances of a second break & enter?

    Another associate at our office was robbed here in Nashville just before Christmas. They busted in his the back door and took 2 laptops, one tv that wasn't mounted, and a few random other things. There was a tv mounted on the wall right by the back door that they tried to take as well but they...
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    Steven Tyler's got a new tune

    Surely he has more money than he can spend. I really don't understand what would inspire him to participate in the soulless garbage that is the Nashville music industry machine. Does the rock star ego dictate that he do whatever he has to to stay relevant? It must...or maybe he is going...
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    Best sub-$500 watch?

    I purchased these two Citizen's as a Christmas present to myself last month. So far no complaints...and the radio sync feature is really cool...I traveled from Nashville to Charlotte and then to the Dominican Republic and it adjusted perfectly each time I jumped time zones...
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    What is the fastest you have ever gone?

    Yea, just looking at the gear ratios a completely stock 458 would in theory hit the limiter at 210 ish in 7th gear. And that's assuming drag didn't slow it down beforehand, which it most certainly would unless it's going downhill with a tail wind. If I remember correctly I saw a video of an...
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    What is the fastest you have ever gone?

    I had the opportunity of experiencing the Concorde before it was taken out of service. Around 1994 or so if I remember correctly. I don't remember how fast they said it flew, but I do remember it was really loud and hot during the flight. NY to London in a little over 3 hours.
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    What is the fastest you have ever gone?

    238 mph? 238 mph in a 458 is impressive....had to have been heavily modified with custom gearing... Neither Underground's nor Hennessey's 458 builds can get to 238... Who built that 458?
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    Compelling Case for the Murder of Curt Cobain on Netflix

    Circumstantial evidence is indirect evidence and in a vast majority of criminal cases it will carry just as much influence as any other type of evidence. People are convicted of crimes every single day in this country on purely "circumstantial" evidence so don't make the mistake of discredit...
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    Quick question for my MLP armchair legal team...

    True words right here....Lawyers seem expensive at face value but often times you come out way ahead in the end, especially when running a business. An attorney and an accountant who truly understand your business are priceless business assets... When in counsel...
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    Man Crashes $1.9M Ferrari Right After Leaving the Dealership

    Neither of these were your run of the mill Ferraris though. Both the LaFerrari and the Enzo were limited production runs that were/are supposed to represent Ferrari's flagship models. I'd bet that if the Enzo in the link were totally rebuilt he could get far more than 1.9 million for it...
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    Final Cars & Coffee of the year. Yes there are pics

    The new F12s are gorgeous machines in person. Several rolling around Nashville these days. Pictures do not do them justice. Not to mention 740 hp in a naturally aspirated V12 is just about the most fun I've ever had behind the wheel... And I'm not usually a fan of widebody kits on...
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    Car dealers are about a 1/4 step below enema nozzles

    A colleague of mine at the office purchased a Hyundai earlier in the year and experienced a similar problem... She formerly leased a car from the dealer and when the lease was up she worked out a deal to buy a new confirmed in writing that they would waive some type of admin fee...
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    Anyone here use Uber instead of a cab?

    I use Uber frequently...will probably use it in about an hour when I head out....but the surge pricing is becoming all the more frequent and completely negates any price savings vs a cab... On a Friday or Saturday night here in downtown Nashville the surge pricing will usually start around 8:00...
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    Colbert Late Show

    The Colbert Report was one of the most well written satires of the last decade. I've been a fan of Colbert for quite a while so I watched last night. It was rough and I only made it through about 20 minutes before turning it off. You could tell he was holding back his Colbert Report...

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