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    Post Your Keeper Historic Reissues

    This is my 57 Wildwood Featherweight Historic re-issue with a huge neck, non chambered weighs 8.00. This guitar was Brian Fallon's from Gaslight Anthem. I think he toured Australia with this one. I play this guitar an average of 2 hrs a day. He strung it over the tail piece, I preferred the...
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    Gibson Good Years

    Wildwood Guitars ran a series of Historic Re-issues called Featherweights. I have one that's a R7 and it's non chambered right at 8lbs. My friend has 7 of these and they are all almost identical. It is my favorite LP yet and I have had them since 1980. I hope they bring back that series.
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    Help Me Understand the "Reissue" Craze

    Hi, I have owned many LP's and the ones I totally fell in love with are the Featherweight series that Wildwood used to offer.Mine 57 non-chambered, weights right at 8.0 and just comes alive when I play it. My friend has 7 of these and I've a/b'ed them all. They are so close that it is hard to...

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