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  1. Jimmy Page

    NGD: Harley Benton SC-550 Les Paul Copy in Paradise Amber (Pics Included)

    I wonder, how do they have tops that flamed for so cheap? They're only about £200 new? It seems odd they can provide such flamed maple tops on guitars of that price? Isn't flame maple generally pretty expensive? Or is it some different less expensive kind of flame? Or is that Joe Perry style...
  2. Jimmy Page

    I got an ES-175 - I don't even play Jazz! :/

    Long story.. but I recently obtained an ES-175 through a somewhat unexpected turn of events. However, the thing is.. I don't really know what to do with this guitar! I'm in two minds should I sell/trade it on for something that I may find more useful.. or should I attempt to incorporate it into...
  3. Jimmy Page

    Orville Hardware: Good? Bad?

    Hi there, Just wondering. What is Orville hardware like and what is it made from? I wonder about the Orville bridges and the stopbars, what kind of metal it is. Is it good? Is it bad? Is it worth upgrading? Less interested in the machineheads but I guess it's worth asking what's the deal with...
  4. Jimmy Page

    PNGD: Modded '08 Traditional

    Thank you. Hoping to pick it up tomorrow. :)
  5. Jimmy Page

    PNGD: Modded '08 Traditional

    Hi Franky. Thanks for the reply. :) To be honest I was just looking some input on the guitar, I've haven't owned one just like this before. I'm in the EU so the price is going to a bit different here anyway. Myself, and the seller, know value of both guitars here and I think we're both happy...
  6. Jimmy Page

    PNGD: Modded '08 Traditional

    Possible new guitar day. Saw this one advertised on the local classifieds. I've been talking to the seller. We're working out a deal for this one with a guitar of mine plus cash his way. Just a matter of doing the swap now as we seem to have came to a fair arrangement we're both happy with...
  7. Jimmy Page

    Can anyone tell me a bit about this Les Paul?

    Hi guys, I'm interested in this Les Paul Standard. Saw it on local classifieds. Seller says it's a 2004, all original and in fantastic condition. I haven't went to see it yet as it's around 100 miles away, but from the pics it looks good to me? Just wanted to run it by the resident LP...
  8. Jimmy Page

    Thought's on "09 Gibson Les Paul Studio Gold Edition" Advert?

    Thoughts* Can anyone tell me what's the deal with this? ==GIBSON LES PAUL STUDIO==2009 Gold Edition: rrp £1099 | Dunmurry | Gumtree Is it legit? Is it at a good price at £550 GBP? My buddy is thinking of going to have a look at it today and he asked me what I thought, I can't tell much by...
  9. Jimmy Page

    Do you have a REAL glass slide?

    IMO, best slide I ever had was the Dunlop Moonshine. Those blue cobalt glass one with the porcelain centre. Only downside was it seemed a little.. bulky? Sadly it fell off the mantlepiece and that was the end of it. Been meaning to get another.
  10. Jimmy Page

    Bare Knuckle Mule pickup

    I have the Mule set in my Orville. They are fantastic. I find them to be very versatile too. I mostly play classic rock on them. But they seem to handle anything I throw at them more than adequately. Just this week I was using them for black metal.
  11. Jimmy Page

    Wiring Help. 60's guitar.

    Hello folks, Think I got it sorted. Thanks,
  12. Jimmy Page

    Who's using "boutique" picks here?

    I didn't even know they existed.
  13. Jimmy Page

    Rockabilly on a Les Paul (with PAFs)?

    Thank you. Exactly the kinda thing I'm looking for. :thumb:
  14. Jimmy Page

    Wanted: 50's Tribute Gold Top

    Looking for a used 50's Tribute Gold Top. Must be a first run, with the light back, cream parts, and binding etc. A Bigsby could be a bonus too but not essential. I'm in the UK by the way. Please drop me PM. Many thanks,
  15. Jimmy Page

    Bigsby fitting issues?

    I was fitting a Bigsby with a Vibramate. First one I done. I might add, nothing could be easier... providing the guitar is drilled right! Is the Vibramate plate (the one at the stop bar) meant to sit exactly flush with the Bigsby? I'm guessing it is and can't get mine to. Well I can, but then...
  16. Jimmy Page

    50's Tribute Gold Tops?

    I'm considering treating myself to a Gold Top with P-90's sometime in the near future (Carl Perkins fan). I'd been looking at some copies (still open to suggestions!) but now I'm thinking I should possibly go for one of the 50's tributes as they don't seem to be that expensive really. I'm only...
  17. Jimmy Page

    Poison Ivy Tone

    Thanks. I saw that picture too, on a Gretsch forum I believe. They do look like the Bill Lewis ones I've seen, unless it's just the light. I've saw other pics where I could swear she has Filtertrons in it though. I read somewhere a thread about the guitar she supposedly owned, by the guy that...
  18. Jimmy Page

    Poison Ivy Tone

    Have you read this article before? It's about the best available. Bill Lewis Guitar « Gilmourish.Com – The largest David Gilmour tone resource on the net! But if she changed to Filtertrons... Well that's a whole different story! I'll try find out somewhere.
  19. Jimmy Page

    Rockabilly on a Les Paul (with PAFs)?

    Great. Exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for. :) Thanks and keep them coming! :thumb: This is very true.
  20. Jimmy Page

    Rockabilly on a Les Paul (with PAFs)?

    PAFs? :hmm: Sounds damn good to me. Cool. :) Thanks! :thumb:

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