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    Epiphone LP-Junior with Epi-Casino P90

    Not sure what is more entertaining, the dug up thread or recommending custom windings on a low budget guitar.
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    Epiphone LP-Junior with Epi-Casino P90

    For sale at all?
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    Epiphone 50’s Inspired By Lemon burst

    Replied again Brent
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    Epiphone 50’s Inspired By Lemon burst

    internet issues earlier…
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    FS: 2016 LP Standard Piezo and 2018 LP

    Do you know the weight on the ‘16?
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    WTB: Epiphone Les Paul Junior

    WTB: set neck Epiphone Les Paul Junior. ‘57 Reissue preferred. Would consider 2020 and newer model as well. PM with details. Thanks.
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    2016 R0 - curly maple cherry burst

    Very true. On my rough estimation, guitar was under 8lb and resonant. Case was also on the light end.
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    2016 R0 - curly maple cherry burst

    Was in the big box store for guitars, testing a 5150 amp for my brother, and came across a 2016 R0 that sounded just incredible. Long story short, it’s coming home with me once off police hold however the one thing that may nix the deal is lack of cert and case candy. It has the Gibson lifton...
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    Slash Appetite players

    Thank you everyone. I’ve tried the JBL and also the 59s, very nice as well! Loved the 59 neck. Felt as nice as my reissue. May need to wait to try one in person. while I can swap the pickups, just want it ready to go out of the box.
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    Slash Appetite players

    Does anyone know the neck dimensions on the new Epi Sash Appetite? how does it compare to the Gibson neck? I did like the Epi Standard 50s neck if it’s similar. The Gibson Slash felt bigger than my R8, so not interested in the Gibson Slash. thanks
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    Warmoth Relic Strat Body

    pm sent
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    SOLD: Late 2018 R8 Lemon Plaintop (with '19 specs)

    Beautiful plaintop. Appears to be a ‘19, eve; though it was made on the last day of 18. Gibson seems to operate like car manufacturers do. Glws wish i was in the market, but bee; playing my Strats more of late.
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    Does tru oil cure faster under the sunlight?

    Not to bring a thread back from the dead, but I’ve used BLO, Formbys Tung Oil Finish, and Tru Oil In various use cases. Used formbys years ago on a Peavey Wolfgang neck and it was incredible. Recently have been using BLO and TO, also following Highline Guitars on YT. I’ve now redone a few necks...
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    Trade Feeler - 2015 Les Paul Traditional Japan

    Hi is there a cash price?
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    WTB: Gibson Custom Shop R7

    Do you know the serial number or whereabouts to buy it back. Just tried a r7 gold top with natural back from 2012. Was nice!

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